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Vibrant Living and Manifestation - 5 Powerful Energies for Manifestation, Personal Potential & Strengthening Intuition

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This attunement package contains a collection of powerful energies designed to help you tap into your inner potential and live your best life. These energies have been carefully selected to address different areas of your being, from physical health to emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

Each energy has its own unique qualities and benefits, but together they work in harmony to support your overall growth and transformation. Whether you are looking to boost your creativity, find inner peace, follow your life mission, or simply live with more ease and joy, these energies can help you achieve your goals!

The combined benefits of this attunement package:

• Connects you to higher frequencies of energy
• Helps you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom
• Increases clarity and focus
• Promotes emotional balance and stability
• Enhances creativity and manifestation abilities
• Boosts confidence and self-esteem
• Encourages personal growth and transformation
• Promotes physical, mental, and emotional healing
• Helps release negative energy and emotions
• Promotes overall well-being and positive energy flow.

This powerful package contains the following 5 attunements:

The Golden Pyramid of Wisdom is an energy that has two main functions. Firstly, it transforms negativity, and secondly, it awakens the wisdom and knowledge that we were born with and have accumulated throughout our lives. This energy is very useful because it boosts intuition and enables us to become the best versions of ourselves by embracing our unique qualities. By doing so, we unlock our "superpowers," which are simply the qualities that make us who we are. This energy is easily accessed through meditation.

This energy is also useful for protecting your personal field from any negative external elements, as gold transforms and protects from negativity.

Merlin's Gem of Miracles is a cluster of two minerals that carries Merlin's frequency. It may resemble amethyst and citrine, but it's unique. It's a gift from Merlin that unlocks the sparkle of life and brings miracles into our lives by unlocking our personal potential. To allow miracles into our lives, we need to accept and recognize them and look beyond some things that can help us. We need to work on ourselves and have the will to change our lives. This is a very active energy that moves us forward and gives us the boost and eagerness to fulfill our life mission.

Merlin is a very special ascended master who gives us that sparkle and magical touch. The energy can be infused into crystals for crystal therapy. We can also use it for meditation or even hands-on healing for us and someone else. This healing energy is especially good for the third eye or higher chakras. It's also good for attracting beneficial energy, situations, people, and opportunities into our lives!

Goddess Eir's Purple Manifestation Box is a very special and unique energy. It's both the energy that we can use for hands-on healing and infusing our manifestation box. It brings us wisdom to see our opportunities and how to create them. It boosts our creativity and potential, allowing us to shine through with this energy. It's especially useful when we want to find a new job, start a new career or chapter in our lives, or even a completely new life.

Sometimes, when we share our dreams with others, they may discourage us or tell us to be “realistic”. However, this energy gives us the courage, motivation, and clarity to make decisions and pursue our true path, even if it takes years to succeed. We can use it for hands-on healing for our third eye, as well as a meditative technique to generate lots of ideas.

We can also have a physical manifestation box that we can find in golden or purple colors or even a cluster of these two colors. We can fill it with our wishes and things that we would like to manifest and infuse it with this energy. Then, we can place our wishes in the box, and enjoy manifestation!

Ethereal Feather of Serenity is a beautiful, sparkling, white energy that is very light and easy to use. Here are some tips for using it in everyday life or tough situations. Many people believe that having hardships in life is necessary to gain wisdom, but this energy helps us to have ease, especially after difficult situations. It teaches us to learn through ease and enjoy life without always facing hardships!

Orange Lilies of Flourishment is the energy that is connected to the Sacral chakra and it's related to creativity, manifestation, stability, and giving our best. We know that in order to be in a positive and creative state, lower chakras have to function well, as creativity leads to flourishing, happiness, joy, and good health. Many problems arise from feeling stagnant and without purpose, which is why this energy can help unlock potential and flourish in whatever we do - a job, hobby, or daily activity. It helps us find things that make us happy and aligns us with our purpose and natural talents, taking them to a new level!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate.