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Read Before Ordering

After placing your order, I will get back to you usually in 1-3 workdays. In busy periods, please though allow up to 8 full workdays before I get back to you. This also applies to any email communication. If you have not heard from me after 8 workdays, feel free to send me a reminder.

Please notice that "workdays" are Monday-Friday.

If you have ordered more than one item, I might choose to perform/spread the sessions/attunements over several days.

If you want to speed up your order, please use our 24-Hour Express Delivery service.

Course materials will be sent out at the time of the attunements.


Ordering for someone else

You can order attunements and sessions for someone else. If the items are not for yourself, please state who the attunement/service is for in the "comments" field at check out.

If no additional info is added, I will perform the attunements and sessions for the person who is placing the order.

If you are ordering on the behalf of someone else and the service/services are performed for you (because you omitted to add the additional info) you would have to place an additional order for that person.



The name used to create certificates are used from either the "Customer Name" or the "Shipping Address" provided with the order.

If you want another name/spelling, you have to write it in the "message to seller" box when you check out.  If the name differs from the "Customer Name" and the name you provide in the "Shipping Address" section, please make sure you state which name you want me to use for the certificate. You can also send me an email right after placing the order with the name you would like on the certificate.

Please make sure that you create a back up of your certificates.

If you later want to change the name on your certificate, you would have to order new certificate/s. The fee is €15 and can be paid here.



Manual/s are sent out after the attunements have been performed. Please make sure that you create a back up of your manuals. If you loose your manuals there's a resend fee of €12 Euro. It can be paid here.


About re-attunements

I put a lot of honor, ethics, time and energy into my sessions and I do a lot of preparation before I perform each attunement. I do the exact same work, whether the attunement is performed for the first time or if it's a re-attunement. Therefore the price is the same for first-time attunements and for re-attunements.