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Green Reiki from Archangel Raphael

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When we start our spiritual journey, when we want to find the love of our life, or when we want to improve our business, we always ask ourselves: What is the first and the best step to begin with? Of course, the needs of all of us are individual, but we are on the right path if we start with the relationship with ourselves and self-love.

One of the newest systems with a great approach is Green Reiki. This three-level system combines strong essences and life force energy to boost our potential and open us to a wonderful life full of love. When we open our hearts and let Go(d), miracles become our reality!

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of healing. His name means "God heals". He is there to bring healing to people and animals. His presence brings harmony, peace, and relieves stress. He is also a protector of travelers and people who start their spiritual journey in order to find eternal truth. Archangels Raphael and Michael usually work together.

Green Heart from Archangel Raphael is the first degree of Green Reiki. Green Heart energy represents and behaves as a “Heart chakra activator”. This energy unlocks the potential of the Heart chakra. There is no typical cleansing, just a relieving and gentle feeling.

The Heart chakra is our connection to God. It is the compass we use to navigate through life. We feel in our hearts what is best for us. Our Heart Chakra is a beautiful flower that we should take care of. Even though we all have that amazing sparkle, we are all unique in our personal approach to God. Many wise people said that God is an ocean, but we are drops. So we are all part of the vast ocean that is the carrier of life in all universes.

Our life path is unique. Although we might share the same religion, or point of view, our life experience is going to be different, and that is the beauty of life. The experience of a soul is not the same for each person. A soul is the carrier of a life path and destiny. However, we should not try to be fortune-tellers and be occupied with what the future might bring. We should be in the present moment and listen to our hearts. That is the way we build the future and learn from the past.

When we know our path and where we stand, we are in balance with our emotions and we can do everything that we are meant for. We are born with enormous potential. Bringing out that potential can sometimes frighten us, but when we balance and open the Heart chakra and live in the present moment, nothing that comes into our lives is scary and impossible.

Not only is Green Reiki important for emotional life, but also for communication with partners, friends, and children. It also works on our creative side, so we can be more productive and more successful at jobs and in careers in general. It boosts our personal potential and strength, so we become more self-confident. When we know where we stand, everything becomes easier in this life.

The second degree of this system is a very powerful cluster, a blend of the energy of Emerald and Peridot. It is called Green Empowerment. The emerald essence helps us on the path to good emotional and physical health. It works both on our Heart chakra and physical heart. It strengthens our connection to God and brings peace, prosperity, and happiness. The peridot essence blesses us with peace, compassion, emotional health, and balance. It opens our hearts and brings good luck into our world.

Divine Green Drop is the third degree of this system. It represents a momentary divine feeling. It is not like other attunements, but rather a fine touch like a blessing. It is enough to think of Divine Green Drop and feel blissful. It is great to use at the end of any Reiki or energy session. We are going to feel a full circle and a moment of amazing peace. It is also good to use it during the day as a tool for reaching serenity. When we are stressed, in a hurry, or when we are not in the present moment, we should just stop for a second and think of this energy. If just for 5 or 10 seconds, we are going to feel recharged and refreshed!

Benefits of Green Reiki:

• It helps us to be aware of our connection to God
• Balances the Heart chakra
• Suited for healing all issues related to the heart chakra and the eyes.
• Heals physical body
• Love and peace
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers
• Stand-alone healing system
• No pre-requisites

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!