Archangel Gabriel's Gifts - 14 Powerful Attunements for Divine Guidance, Inner Potentials, Protection & Cleansing

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Archangel Gabriel, whose name means 'the strength of God,' is a divine messenger. His duty is to deliver messages from God to humankind. Both Muslims and Christians hold the belief that he prophesied the births of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. He was the one who announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus Christ. Moreover, he communicates with God's chosen ones, as he did with Adam, Moses, and Muhammad, relaying God's words as found in the Quran.

Connecting with Archangel Gabriel is beneficial as he imparts strength, assists in clear communication with the spiritual realm, and fosters trust in God. His pure white light heals and purifies us. Like all archangels and angels, Gabriel radiates love for the entire world and is ever eager to assist humanity when we pray to him and seek guidance.

This package contains the following attunement:

Archangel Gabriel:  Means "God is my strength". Art, communication, for all artists, writing, child conception, and fertility.

White Waterfall from Archangel Gabriel: White Waterfall from Archangel Gabriel is a very thick, powerful, and shimmering white essence that helps you cleanse your crown chakra to aid clairvoyant abilities. It can help you to cleanse yourself to be better in receiving information from the divine. Furthermore, it helps you to be able to distinguish right from wrong. It is perfect for cleansing and opening the crown chakra. So when your crown chakra is open, you will be able to receive information more clearly.

Silver Dust from Archangel Gabriel: This technique is meant to help to gain trust. By activating Silver Dust from Archangel Gabriel, the energy is going to help us work on gaining trust in God, our inner potential, a good outcome in life, well-being, and generally, everything that is good. To use, simply mentally state once: “Silver dust from Archangel Gabriel." You might feel like a very gentle “rain” of energy will come onto your aura and your whole ethereal body. The energy works as a kind of protection as well, though the main feature of the energy is to help to reconnect with God, Angels, and their realm. Your trust in the spiritual world is going to be enhanced.

White Cloud from Archangel Gabriel: This is a very soothing and comforting energy! It is not connected to a particular chakra, but it works on our whole body and spiritual being. White Cloud from Archangel Gabriel can help to purify and calm us. This energy can be good additional help if you have problems with anxiety, depression, low emotions, and headaches. Not only is it going to lift you up, but it also is going to calm you and make you aware of the present moment, accepting it as it is.

Golden Ruby Ring from Archangel Gabriel: Channeled message from Archangel Gabriel: "It works on the personal potential. It boosts inner strength, it reaches for the deepest personal potential for self-development. It has both properties of gold and the ruby gemstone.  It's refurbishing your inner potential, like peeling off the layers that are diminishing your inner light. If you want to work on something, use that ring. It will "polish you" to be who you truly are. It's for manifestation and for reaching your goals."

Archangel Gabriel’s Rainbow: Archangel Gabriel’s Rainbow consists of white, light blue, and green colors, something like the Aurora Borealis. It is for miracles in life! Use this energy when you expect a miracle or stop believing in miracles if your faith becomes weak for some reason. Furthermore, when you want to believe but something is stopping you or you want to attract good things in your life. It is great to use when you find yourself at a crossroads in life, or when there is an obstacle on your path. Gabriel’s Rainbow helps to show you that miracles are really and truly possible if you believe in higher, spiritual realms and Angels. When you need Archangels’ and Angels’ guidance, activate this energy!

Archangel Gabriel’s Star: Archangel Gabriel’s Star is a new energy that can help to "show you the way". The energy is white-yellow, like a star. It works like a light bulb in a dark street, to "light up" your path, to show you where to go and how to strengthen yourself. It further shows you how to boost your inner potential, in a way to help you find the courage in order to "move on". Even in a dark tunnel, there is always a light in the end. To realize how, without darkness, the stars would not be visible in the night sky. You need to be aware, that in times of collapse, it is darkest just before dawn. Archangel Gabriel’s Star is an encouraging energy that can help to give you strength. By working with this energy you will get insights and inspiration on how to move on, how to protect yourself, how to be courageous, how to stand your ground and say "I am brave", "I can do it", "nothing can break me", "nothing can stop me!" 

White Ring of Archangel Gabriel: White Ring of Archangel Gabriel is a "round-shaped white ray" that is excellent for cleansing the aura and the ethereal body! It cleanses even on the cellular level, especially from negative entities, negative thought forms, and anything that is unbeneficial for us. You can start or finish any session with this energy. After using this energy, you might feel that you have become "lighter" and more connected to the divine!

Orb of Archangel Gabriel: The Orb of Archangel Gabriel works mainly in our aura, by creating a white energy sphere around us as a protection field. It further activates the “fairy dust” in us! With this energy in our aura, it helps us to feel and become more creative and confident in showing ourselves to the world in a better way than we usually do. It can help make our dreams come true and fulfill our unfinished tasks, as it helps to push us in the right direction!

Archangel Gabriel's Wings: White, bright color with silver reflections. They provide protection to your etheric body. After using this energy, you will most likely feel it as a "spiritual hug"!

Silver Cloak from Archangel Gabriel: This is a gift from Archangel Gabriel. It is very interesting how this energy works. When you start the energy flow, by mentally stating “Silver cloak”, it will move around you like a light "curtain". It works to protect you in a very subtle and gentle way. Use it for relaxation, protection, connection to the Divine and self-love!

White Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel: White Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel will create an energetic protective cocoon around the aura! It is especially good for energy workers, Reiki healers, and people who do massage, group meditations, or any spiritual work. It is beneficial to help create your own "personal space" of protection. You can use it after a healing session with another person and it will help cut the "ethereal threads".

Archangel Gabriel’s White Energy: Archangel Gabriel’s White Energy is a thick, white ray of energy for protection and purification! It acts like a laser beam that clears and purifies any space, the ethereal and physical body, the chakras and anything else that needs purification. It further acts as a protection shield!

Golden Rain from Archangel Gabriel: This interesting energy is a gift from Archangel Gabriel. It is connected to the crown chakra. During a healing session or an attunement, you receive it as a kind of “spiritual rain”, as if you were standing in a “rain” of abundant energy. That is how the energy “drops” on you from the Source and purifies you by clearing your aura. It is good for transformation, and a better connection to God and the spiritual world.

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