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7 Ascended Masters Attunement Package

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* New upgraded energy and revised manuals with channeled messages by each Ascended Master! *

Embark on a transformative journey with the 7 Ascended Masters Attunement Package, designed to harmonize and enhance your spiritual and personal development.

Each master is connected to one of the seven chakras, offering unique insights and support tailored to different aspects of your being. From grounding your energy and enhancing communication to fostering creativity and achieving inner peace, this package serves as a comprehensive toolkit for those seeking to deepen their connection to the divine and unlock their potential.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your intuition, express your true self, or simply find balance in your daily life, these attunements provide a pathway to profound growth and enlightenment.

This package contains the following attunements:

Saint Germain: Use the energy of Saint Germain when you want to learn to have a clear connection to the divine! To learn to stay grounded AND connected to God at the same time. Also helps to connect to the inner source of knowledge, with protection, courage, direction, healing, and inspiration. The energy further helps to open up to higher wisdom, to gain access to higher realms, and release tension. Connected to the crown chakra.

Goddess Eir: In Norse mythology, Eir (Old Norse “help, mercy”) is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill. Eir is offering a wonderful loving energy, that is able to heal even very stubborn blockages. Her energy (connected to the third eye chakra) also strengthens intuition and is good for protection.

El Morya: Use the energy of El Morya when you need help to speak your own truth without fears, to be who you truly are, to strengthen communication, to “stand your ground” and to say what you really mean. Connected to the throat chakra.

Hilarion: Use the energy of Hilarion when you need to learn to love yourself, self-appreciation and learn to love through divine perspective. Also to learn and experience that divine love connects us all! The energy helps to center and balance your energy. Connected to the heart chakra.

Kuthumi: Use the energy of Master Kuthumi to learn about who you truly are and what your "inner being" wants you to express to the outer world! Also helps you to find the right path in life and dedication to your life purpose. The energy is further calming, good for focus, relaxation, and as “anti-stress” energy. Connected to the solar plexus.

Lanto: Use the energy of Lanto when you need help to be more creative, boost libido, need help to live life to the fullest, and to find "your sparkle"! The energy is further to be used as anti-procrastination energy. Connected to the Hara chakra.

Buddha: Use Master Buddha when you want to achieve inner peace, present moment awareness, to be present in the "Now", joy, spiritual growth, grounding, and understanding. Connected to the root chakra. The energy helps to strengthen and stabilize the physical body.

Includes manuals, instructions on how to create Ascended Masters & Archangel Elixirs, and a beautiful certificate of completion!