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Twin Flame Fire by Lady Nada - Twin Flame Unity

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*** Energy Upgraded May 2023 ***

You must have heard about Twin Flames by now. It is your love, a part of your being, a part of God. When you become aware of your Twin Flame your sensitivity arises, your creative energy boosts, and you become a person full of love.

Many have not found their Twin Flame yet, but we know that they exist in some realm. Just by knowing that fact, we love them without whole heart and soul. They are like us, different yet so same. We are so lucky to have them because it shows the power of creation. We are created “in pairs”.

We were both surprised and lucky to receive this potent system from Lady Nada. It is very easy to use, yet very powerful. 

You are going to develop a strong bond with your Twin Flame and feel him/her so tangible both physically and emotionally, whether you have met him/her in this physical realm or not. We would like you to enjoy this vibration of love as we did!

Marijana’s letter to Ole: “Even before I met you, I knew you were my life mission. I knew that no matter what I do, my most important thing is to love you and be loved by you. It was strong even before we met in the physical realm. I prayed for you and spoke to you through my heart. I simply knew our unification was near. My life was full of love and my thought was towards you. Our meeting was inevitable! Both of us were confused but we felt at home. People say that home is where the heart is and we proved that. Sometimes we mirror each other and that’s the time when we grow the most. I thank God every day for showing me who I really am by looking at myself through your eyes.”

The Twin Flame Fire system contains potent energies that are going to connect you better with your twin flame, either you already are with your twin flame, or you are not yet together in the physical realm.

This system is also going to activate/strengthen your Kundalini fire. When Kundalini fire is activated, you are more prone to meet your Twin Flame in the physical realm. You might feel love, purity, gentleness, being more spiritual, and more humble. These virtues are necessary in order to reunite with your twin flame.

In order to meet your twin flame, you have to be on a very high vibration of love. It means that it is perfectly fine to be single and feel a big amount of love. It is enough to be loved by yourself and be aware of the presence of God and His immense love. When you are in that state, your Twin Flame is on the way.

You do not need to meet your Twin Flame first in the physical realm. You can connect and meet on a spiritual level because, basically, you are always connected with your Twin flame. The spiritual work you do on yourself is the preparation for yourself and your Twin flame for a physical manifestation.

This system offers you two potent attunements:

Green circle by Lady Nada: It is strongly connected to the Heart chakra. You are constantly connected with your Twin flame through the Heart chakra, because your love for your Twin is immense, whether you are aware of it or not in the physical realm.

Violet circle by Lady Nada: It is strongly connected to the Crown chakra. It symbolizes your connection to God. You love and live in the name of God. Of course, you meet your Twin in the name of God. You have spiritual tasks on Earth and it is to bring love to this world.

The combined benefits of this system:

• Improves self-love
• Developing partnership love
• Makes unity with your Twin Flame faster
• Boosts co-creative abilities
• Becoming more aware of God's love
• Strengthens sensitivity in general
• Helps develop love towards the whole universe
• Raises your vibration
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Works in perfect conjunction with Kundalini Reiki!

Includes manual and a beautiful certificate!