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MONARCH REIKI™ - Royal Gift from Royal Star Regulus

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Have you ever yearned for a connection beyond the physical? A touch of the celestial to ground and uplift you simultaneously?

Dive deep into the wisdom of the fixed star Regulus and allow its unique frequencies to illuminate your transformative journey with our MONARCH REIKI™ course! Rooted in the potent energies of the Leo constellation and the royal star Regulus, this course offers a unique blend of traditional Reiki practices with the celestial wisdom of the universe. Dive deep into the heart of bravery, love, and self-discovery as you unlock the "master state" of MONARCH REIKI™.

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What does MONARCH REIKI™ offer to us that is unique, new and powerful?

At the heart of this cosmic dance lies the Channeled Message from the royal star Regulus. A celestial whisper that beckons us to explore life's deepest questions and embrace its essence. It encourages us to channel our courage, even when the tides seem tough. But more than anything, it reminds us that true courage lies in embracing life's tests with grace and gratitude, knowing that every challenge comes bearing a lesson from the divine.

Another fascinating revelation comes from the Inhabitants of Regulus, a celestial kin who extend their warmth, wisdom, and guidance. Their message is simple and profound: Seek inner peace, be committed to growth, and find your life's purpose. It's a call to look beyond the mundane and find the extraordinary in the everyday.

Then there's the Royal Blue Mist - an ethereal frequency from Regulus that sweeps away negativity like a mighty ocean wave, replacing it with love and light. This frequency is perfect for those moments when the weight of the world feels too much. By harnessing this power, one can experience a cleansing that's not just spiritual but also transformative.

For those who are on a quest for purpose and bravery, the Crown of Life Energy is a beacon. Characterized by gold and yellow hues, it serves as a key to unlock the unique potential lying dormant within. More than a mere energy, it's a pathway to understanding our resilience and the divine purpose that we've been entrusted with.

In the midst of these celestial wonders, the Peak of Heart Energy stands as an embodiment of love. Designed to open one’s heart chakra, it's a direct line to experiencing God's unconditional love. Whether you're on a self-love journey or seeking to deepen your connection with the divine, this energy serves as a gentle guide.

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What are the combined benefits of MONARCH REIKI™?

1. Celestial Connection: Harness the powerful energies of the Leo constellation, especially the annual alignment of the Sun and Regulus, to supercharge your Reiki practices.

2. Holistic Healing: Monarch Reiki not only focuses on physical healing but also emphasizes emotional, spiritual, and material growth, ensuring a comprehensive healing experience.

3. Unique Techniques: Learn specialized techniques that set Monarch Reiki apart, such as the "Peak of Heart" energy and the "Royal Blue Mist" frequency.

4. Personal Growth: Embrace genuine self-love, recognizing your uniqueness while also celebrating the distinctiveness of others.

5. Intuitive Learning: The course encourages students to harness Monarch Reiki energy intuitively, allowing for a personalized healing journey.

6. Empowering Message: At its core, Monarch Reiki's message is "Be the Braveheart." This course will inspire you to face challenges with courage, love with passion, and live with purpose.

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Why is MONARCH REIKI™ excellent to work with?

• Purifying energy field from negativity
• Rises our frequency
• Heals on all levels
• Works on all aspects of our life
• Boosts self-confidence
• Expands creativity
• Helps us discover our life mission
• Aligns us with our Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra
• Promotes bravery, strength, peace & happiness
• No prerequisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

* * * * * * *

In the grand spectrum of Reiki practices, MONARCH REIKI™ shines brilliantly. It's not just a practice but a philosophy. Drawing its essence from the royal star Regulus, MONARCH REIKI™ invites us to be Bravehearts – to face life's trials with courage and heart.

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual traveler or a newbie taking their first steps, the wisdom of Regulus and MONARCH REIKI™ offers a treasure trove of insights, energies, and practices to help you navigate your journey. Remember, God is always by your side, guiding, loving, and cheering for you. Embrace these celestial gifts and let your soul soar!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate.