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LYRE REIKI™ PLATINUM - Harmonious Gift from Muse Erato

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Unleash the Symphony of Healing within You!

What is completely new that we offer in the biggest upgrade of LYRE™ REIKI PLATINUM?

• The energy of emotional healing is stronger than ever
• The story and role of ancient Greek muses and the muse Erato
• The concept of sound healing and Reiki
• The story and power of the lyra instrument
• The benefits of harmonizing Reiki with music
• The explanation about how sound influences energy flow in healing
• The example of simple guided music meditation for healing

Step into an enchanting world of holistic wellness, beautifully interwoven with the magic of music, with our Lyre Reiki system. This innovative form of energy healing comes to you from the heart of Muse Erato, radiating soothing symphonies from her divine lyre. A harmonious blend of Reiki's universal life force with the vibrational power of sound, Lyre Reiki opens doors to a profound sensory journey.

Experience a sense of oneness with the universe as Lyre Reiki delicately works with each of your chakras, from the celestial crown to the grounding root. What sets this system apart is its simplicity - once you're attuned, you become the maestro of your own symphony of healing.

Envision a lyre, the divine symbol associated with Lyre Reiki, and immerse yourself in a world of sound. Sing to the tune of your soul, compose a heartfelt prayer, or playfully explore different tones - the choice is yours, and the energy you emit becomes a powerful conduit for healing and transformation.

Lyre Reiki is a nurturing sanctuary for everyone - singers, youngsters exploring their voices, couples seeking to strengthen their bonds, and anyone keen to journey into the vibrant world of energy and sound healing. It brings a therapeutic audible cleanse, often evoking powerful emotions that clear away pent-up sorrows and fill your being with joy and harmony.

Imagine yourself basking in this celestial Reiki energy, your chakras blooming like a rainbow while you align with your throat chakra, the center of expression. Let your surroundings fade away as you find comfort and happiness in the heart of this harmonious wellness system.

In the light of the ancient Greek muse Erato and guided by the resonant strings of the divine lyre, you are invited to journey to the core of your being with Lyre Reiki Platinum. This symphony of holistic healing magnifies emotional restoration and offers you a simple yet profound way to harmonize your energy with the power of sound. Engage with this dynamic, invigorating upgrade and dance to the rhythm of your soul, harmonizing your chakras with the universe. Embrace the transformative potency of music and Reiki combined and unlock the symphony of healing that lies within you.

The combined benefits of this system:

• Purifying energy
• Heals on all levels
• Expands creativity
• Aligns us with our Throat Chakra
• Cleanses all the chakras
• Promotes peace, happiness & joyfulness
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Includes a rich renewed manual and a beautiful certificate!