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Passionate Love Essences from Goddess Aphrodite

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All of us have always wanted to awaken true love and passion in our lives. It makes us feel alive, cheerful, boosted, energized and potent!

With this extraordinary, spicy course from the Master of love and passion, goddess Aphrodite, we can increase our potential, boost the passion in our lives and be strong and happy co-creators!

Benefits of the energies in this course:

• Increased joy and willpower in everyday life
• Boosted passion for life, love, and intimacy
• Open and balanced Heart chakra for a life of higher quality
• Improved love for ourselves and our partner
• Emphasized creativity and strength
• Better grounding which leads to more abundance
• No pre-requisites
• Extremely easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Channeled message from Goddess Aphrodite: “What is love for you, what is passion, how do you see it, how do you feel it? Have you ever felt it and experienced true passionate love, where you dedicate your whole being, both spiritually, physically, emotionally, and on all possible levels of your existence?

When we think about passion sometimes people think it is something superficial. They only connect it to a sexual life. But passion is much more than that! It includes real dedication, real love, and understanding of yourself and your partner. You need to understand your own needs in order to be able to please yourself, and your beloved one. You have to be in touch with your being, with your desires, with your wishes and you have to know how to enjoy real life, fragrances, food, sexual life, love, nature, and everything that is tangible, beautiful, that makes us blossom, and feel alive. That is true passion! Passion for life as well - to be able to enjoy every single moment of your life, to find something beautiful in everything you see, touch, feel, and smell. That is the real passion!

Some people, as I said, connect passion to sexual life only. Passion and art are how you do your job, how you hug your loved ones, and how you feel when you listen to your favorite song.

Everything is passion. All of you have to awaken the passion inside of yourselves in order to enjoy real, real life on Earth. Earth is a planet of abundance. Of the abundance of tastes, fragrances, physical contact, love, and pure joy.

You should also know how how to relax. That is a form of art too. How to relax, how to be relaxed, how to help another person relax, how to be in touch with yourself, with your inner being, with your heart, with love for yourself, and how to be able to love others. I am going to help you on that path! My energy is always there if you want that. Call me and I will inspire you. I am Aphrodite. I am a goddess of love. I have mastered love. Joy. Pure joy on the highest level, with no low vibrations, with no low wishes. First of all, you have to love God and yourself, and then others through God, in the name of God.

I am going to give you a few essences that you can use in your everyday life, and you will see how you feel more grounded, more aware, more full of sparkles, and so-called butterflies in your belly, as you like to say. So enjoy this path!"

Strawberry Essence is an amazing essence. As you already know, it is the fruit of passion. It is a beautiful fruit that has always been connected to love. It is connected to the Heart chakra. It helps you enjoy, activate your passion, and love life. This red, sparkling fruit that is truly amazing, has a very powerful, unique essence. So enjoy it!

Sweet Cherrie Essence is the essence that is also connected to the Heart chakra. It warms the Heart chakra and it awakens passion. It is excellent for creativity and passion for life. It encourages you to feel truly alive, to make you feel the taste of life, to be self-confident, and to be aware of how this life and this world is full of beauty and sweetness!

Pink Rose Essence is an amazingly gentle energy that is connected to the Heart chakra as well. It is amazing for self-love, for being gentle for yourself, and then being gentle to your partner, for other people, and for all forms of life. It is important to awaken your gentle, nice, and soft side of yourself.

Cocoa Essence. It has always been known that this magnificent plant is a plant of strong energy that opens the Heart chakra. It is there to improve passion and strength. It is very good for grounding as well. Cocoa Essence is there to make you stronger, more passionate, and self-aware. That strong aroma and powerful taste that Cocoa Essence brings is amazing for boosting the passion in your life generally. I recommend it for grounding as well, especially when consuming dark chocolate. So use this essence in combination with quality chocolate. It is going to sweeten and boost your life on all levels!

 Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!