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The 7 Stars of the Pleiades Attunements Package

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The 7 Stars of the Pleiades have important energies and messages to share with all of us! Use their messages, their healing, and comforting energies for yourself and others!

This package includes the following Stars:

Star Tygete: Channeled message from Star Taygete: "I am there to bear a message of love. Partnership love. How you should be good to yourself to be able to be good to your other half.

It’s not really a half. You people call that "a half", but you are ONE and you are a single entity in this world.

You can exist as a single entity, but God created you in pairs, as many wise people and books stated, and that is true. When you are together in pairs you are stronger. When you acknowledge your pair you become more yourself. Not a half. You become more whole than you were before. But only when you acknowledge and accept that. And accepting is love. Love lies in the acceptance of the other half.

It does not mean that you need to change. Everything changes. Nothing stays forever the same. That is the sparkle and magic of life. But the thing is, you should follow each other in that change to be prosperous and to be one. To be able to remain one, as ONE entity. To be able to follow each other, not to stay without the hands of each other.

Holding hands is a very powerful exercise for couples. I recommend that you meditate together, holding the hands of each other. There are chakras in the hands that are very powerful. They mean unity. You say “I hold your hand”. You actually hold someone's soul in that way.

The word “hold” is a very deep love hidden. And when you meditate together and hold the hands of each other, you exchange the energy. And that is a very powerful and potent energy.

You can do that with my energy. I bear that message and I am there to help you. Whenever you have a problem in a relationship don't hesitate to call me. I will be there to help you, to connect to you, to show you the way how to connect again to each other through the divine. Because you love yourself through the divine. If you don't love each other through the divine, that is not unconditional love and we all should strive for unconditional love. That is the ultimate love. Everything else is conditioned and it's a kind of contract that we don't need. We do not need contracts, we need unconditional love. We should release ourselves from the contracts we make. And we make them every day unconsciously. Everything we do and say should be without conditions."

Q: God created us in pairs, but then it means that there is only one (the “right one”) for each of us. Are you talking about the so-called twin flames?

A: The true mate, I would say. I am bearing a message of love, which means whoever you love at a particular moment, you should love unconditionally. But of course, there is a true mate that you should want to meet. And you eventually meet that one. You are never disconnected but whoever you kiss, whoever you love, whoever you ever hold hands with, make sure that you really love. And that is the way to meet your true mate.

You cannot meet your true mate extremely early. You first have to go through the lessons you signed up for before you incarnated. Love everything unconditionally. Don't love with conditions. Love with love!

Star Asterope: Channeled message from Star Asterope: "I am here to talk about soul meetings, usually about the people you call friends and relatives. But anyone you meet with the eyes, you met. And that means that you somehow saw the soul of that person.

You don't need to be in direct contact with a person to see the soul. You just have to acknowledge that God lies within all of us and that we are all connected - as a big unity that is connected to God, through God, and in the name of God. Especially with the people you have deeper connections with.

You sometimes come in touch with a person and then after a while, you stop that connection. But that is normal. That is how life functions on the Earth. Nothing lasts forever, not even relationships, friendships, relatives or whatever you call it. But you touched someone's soul and someone's soul touched you. And that stays.

After meeting a person you are never the same because seeing someone means mirroring yourself. You see something in a person that is already in you. Because everything is one. And seeing something that is different from you means discovering parts of yourself that you haven't discovered yet. That is the purpose of meetings. And it is very potent!

That is why we should never be thinking “it's sooo different from me” or “this is so similar to me”. No, really, we all belong together. YOU all belong together! We all belong together, especially you as humans! And you should stick together.

Even after breaking so-called relationships, you somehow stay together because you touched the soul of a person. And that is very potent and powerful!"

Star Celaeno: Channeled message from Star Celaeno: "I came here to talk about the inner child and children in general.

We all know a child is an innocent being that lives in a world full of everything and anything. It still sees the best in the world, even though the world can be cruel sometimes, right? We would say, that that is a definition of a child. An innocent little being. And you humans say, that you feel sorry because you lose that innocence. Actually, you do not lose that. You NEVER lose that and that is the fact! That is the truth you forgot about.

You never become something that you are not. You never become something different than what you were born with. I am not talking about destiny like everything is predestined. I am talking about that you were born with a beautiful potential, with beauty inside and you never lose that beauty! You just forget about it.

We should cherish our children. They are little beings who came to save the world, I would say, and they are there with their purity and innocence. But as much as we cherish and take care of the children of the world, we should take care of the child inside of ourselves! That is the message I bear.

Remember who you truly were. Do a meditation on your inner child. Take the photos from when you were a child and remember your wishes, what you were striving for, wishing for, what you were reading about, what you were drawing. Remember all the things.

Do you know sometimes when you say “Oh, I had a talent for singing (or drawing) but I have not done it for years.” Why? Because YOU forgot about that talent. You forgot about that “meditation”, that moment that made you exclusively happy! And then you would say, “But my job is very demanding and I work all day!” Yes, but it’s still your task to find the time. Other stars talked about the concept of time and how it really does not exist. If you MAKE IT to lose the sense of so-called reality and time, you WILL have enough time to do what you were doing as a child. And that is when your wishes come true! That is where your inner child blossoms, grows, and takes over and you become a fully potential person. A grown-up with amazing potential!

Take care of the children of the world but never forget the child inside of yourself. You are still that child!"

Star Electra: Channeled message from Star Electra: "I am there to bear a message about parents. About the people, and souls you chose to incarnate together with.

You didn't come with this body just by coming from the sky. This body came from someone. The bodies you have. The temples you have. And you should respect the souls who were in the so-called conjunctions with you, to bring you to this world. Of course with the help of God.

So respecting those souls is a matter of respecting yourself. Respect who you are. If you don't respect your temple, where does your soul live? That is my question. And if you don't respect your temple, you don't respect the people who gave you this temple, through God. Not alone. God was always there. But I am saying when you become a parent, would you like to be respected? Of course, you would. Because you know what sacrifice and what joy at the same time children bring.

This powerful message is both for children and parents. They should stick together. In the spirit at least. You should forgive your parents and forgive your children. You should forgive yourself. Because at the same time, you are someone's child and someone's parent.

Also, I want to talk about your cosmic parents.

You have cosmic parents here too. They are archetypes of mother and father. Of masculine and feminine energy. And these archetypes lie within you! And by nourishing both of them, you become whole. And then you can be with "both legs on the ground".

As well as respecting your mother and farther from Earth, you should also embrace the masculine and feminine principles inside of yourself! Then your temple is not suffering and your soul can flourish!"

Star Maia: Channeled message from Star Maia: "Live your life with dignity. Life is magic. Life is powerful. Life is potent. Life is a gift. It's given to you for a reason. Don't waste your life. Try to live your life to the fullest. Don't waste your potential, it's precious. It comes from God!

Be aware that every day is a gift! And that is how you should live it. Live IN the moment. Live FOR the moment. Give IN the moment. Love all your beloved ones. Show your feelings and emotions. Show who you truly are!

Shine as bright as a star! Be brave! Be aware of the potential you were given, and aim to discover your potential. Discover your inner being. Discover your bravery. Discover everything that you can be.

Don't be afraid of solitude either. In solitude, you can discover who and what you truly are. How truly an excellent and enormous being you are. When I say enormous, I refer to feelings, potential, and bravery. And don't regret things. Things are as they are. Everything you have been through has been for a reason. You wouldn't be the person you are today if it wasn't for the past.

So be aware that there is no timeline of life. Everything is in the NOW. People have to use past, present, and future in order to live in this realm, where there is a timeframe. But don't be afraid to go away from that timeframe and realize that everything happens in the NOW.  When you realize that everything happens in the NOW, you don't regret anything and you don't worry about the future. By not worrying about the future, you live in the NOW and you embrace your so-called past. Appreciate and embrace who you truly are, with ALL that you are. And be aware of this in every moment of your life.

Shine! Embrace nature. Go out in the Sun. Go to the open nature, meditate, connect with nature, the stars, the night sky, the day, and everything surrounding you that is natural and you will receive all the energy that is needed.

We already have everything that is needed. We just forget that and we disconnect. Connect to everything that is given to you in order to live this life.

Everything is there for a reason and everything is perfect! When you realize that, you will find the source of filling up the voids you have created in yourself. It's natural to fill up the voids and be full. Use that potential energy.

And never forget to love yourself fully! When you love yourself, you can love others. When you connect to your inner being, you connect to God! To the sparkle that God gave you. Being connected is a way of proper living. And only you can connect or disconnect, no one else can do that for you. That is the power you have! To disconnect or connect. Choose to connect!"

Star Merope: Channeled message from Star Merope: "I am here to tell you about inner strength. How you can be strong and yet gentle at the same time.

It's not about being harsh, loud, or cruel. The real strength lies within all of us. The more we refurbish our "inner stones" and we all have stones inside of us, the stronger we become.

Stones are the places in the astral body where the energy is stagnant, where we didn't allow the energy to flow properly. Where we didn't let love guide us. I would love to teach you how to remove these stones, but not as they were created, by force. I want to help you to do that with pure love and gentleness.

You let the energy flow, you let the love flow and it, drop by drop, becomes smooth. You know about how stones in the sea are polished by water and how only water is able to smooth out strong stones. The same is with the stones you create around and inside yourself. They can be polished and eventually vanish by the potent power of love IF you allow love to flow. So it’s about gentleness, forgiveness, giving, and sharing. That is how you should act in life. With gentleness, with a caring heart, and with humanity."

Star Alcyone: Channeled message from Star Alcyone: "I came here to tell you about the life you already know. Or think you know. About your wonderful and beautiful planet Earth!

You don't know how rich you are! Earth is a beautiful perfect green-brown blue-white planet, full of life and resources. Full of flora and fauna. Full of light!

You should take more care of your planet. You should reconsider everything that has to do with your planet again. To rethink everything you know about your planet. To research more about your planet. What richness your planet gives you and what you give back to your planet in return!

So what does your planet gives you? 

Just think for a few minutes about what you receive from your beautiful planet. And then, just for a few minutes, think about what you give in return.

At this particular moment, it is especially important to have awareness about planet Earth and how you behave to your planet. And I am just there to remind you, not to tell you how to do it. Just connect to planet Earth. Have a meditation on planet Earth. You will receive knowledge about what your planet needs. Would that be recycling, feeding an animal, giving shelter to a kid, not ruining waters, or woods? 

You are children of the Earth, no matter where you come from. You were born here. You did choose to incarnate on this planet, so be aware of how you treat your home. Connect to me and I will help you in that process."

Includes 7 manuals and a beautiful certificate!