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Magnificent Intuitive Fusion from Goddess Eir - Unlock Your Intuition & Third Eye Chakra

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We all have wondered what it is that we cannot see with our eyes. At least at some point in our lives, we asked ourselves that question.

Film and modern media taught us that “seeing behind a curtain” is only for special people and requires superpowers. However, we do not need special effects to have a magical experience and deep insights. It is possible for all of us. We were born with the ability for a spiritual experience. Intuition is a gift we all got.

We should not be scared to listen to our intuition. We are naturally born healers who can find unique and personal ways to be healed and recharged. Our personal potential and strength lie within all of us.

Dare to see inside and you will see the most beautiful world ever! As famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung said: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Goddess Eir’s name means help and protection in the Old Norse language. According to different sources she was considered either a goddess or a valkyrie. She is connected to great medical skills. Eir helps us develop personal wisdom because she helps us open the Third eye chakra.

The combined benefits from the energies in this system:

• Opens Third eye chakra
• Enhances intuition and inspiration
• Widens our perspective about life purpose
• Boosts our potential and inspiration
• Good for infusing energy into water and essential oil
• Connects us to northern nature
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This system contains five amazing energies:

Indigo Crystal from Goddess Eir: Indigo Crystal from Goddess Eir is truly amazing and "rich" energy that helps us see where our biggest potential in life is. It metaphorically helps us realize where our true fortune is! It can represent our career, the best job for us, and our true mission in life. We should use this energy when we want to connect to the deepest parts of our being in order to see what our next step should be. It works on a principle of inspiration and it gives us ideas about how to lead our life.

Purple Cloud from Goddess Eir: Purple Cloud from Goddess Eir is a very gentle and subtle energy for boosting the potential of our Third eye. It dissolves blockages that we potentially have, due to fear of seeing reality. Even when we are not aware of that, some of us can have fear of success, fear of not being good enough, fear of seeing the clear path in front of us, etc. We might have it due to collective beliefs, or we built those patterns during our childhood and youth while seeing the behavior of our parents and society. If we are not quite sure about our current life path, working with this energy is going to help us gain better insights!

Magical Nature from Goddess Eir: Magical Nature from Goddess Eir is a very interesting and incredible energy that connects us to northern nature, and ancient Scandinavian healing. It carries a frequency of old woods from Scandinavia, which is why it is so special and magical. Goddess Eir has always been an inspiration for intuitive work, healing, and opening the Third eye.

Violet Ray from Goddess Eir: Violet Ray from Goddess Eir is a very potent and strong energy that works on a principle of a laser. It is going to open our Third eye chakra and give us the strength and potency for us to see our inner world. If we are healers and help others in that process, we are going to have clearer insights and better inspiration. However, if we do not work with others, it is going to help us in personal introspection, open the Third eye chakra and help us step on the path of intuition!

Violet Flower from Goddess Eir: Violet Flower from Goddess Eir is an interesting energy that is going to help us open our Third eye and make us flourish in a spiritual way! This energy can be used for hands-on healing, but the best way to use it is to infuse water and oil. It is an excellent remedy when we are tired, have a headache, or simply need to feel fresh. It is great to infuse water with this energy and spray our faces. However, oil can be useful too. Just infuse any oil with this energy and put a drop on your forehead.

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