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*** Released March 2023 ***

THE ROYAL STARS REIKI™ PLATINUM is a system that uses the powerful energy of the 4 "Royal Stars" for healing!

The 4 Royal Stars:

Antares is for Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown chakra. It is suitable for situations when you feel down, can't move further, feel low and disbelieve in yourself. This energy is strong but subtle, supporting, gaining higher knowledge, bravery, courage and believing in your inner strength.

Regulus is related to Heart Chakra. It is great for the times when you need to feel protected, encouraged and worthy enough. It will show you, that everything is possible and you can do anything your intuition tells you and your heart leads you to.
Aldebaran is connected to Root and Hara chakra. It connects higher knowledge and the Earth plane. It is good for making our ideas real and whenever we need to materialize something.
Fomalhaut is connected to the Throat chakra. It is good for artists, singers, and creators. It is feminine, powerful, and strong but gentle. Use it when you want your voice to be heard, to relax, be creative, express your inner world and awaken the artist in yourself.

These are referred to as "Royal Stars", as they were considered to be the guardians of the sky during the time of the Ancient Persians.
We can use their powerful energy for healing the whole energy system of the seven chakras!
This system can be used as any Reiki modality, as a stand-alone system or combined with other modalities.
This system has been given to us, in order to help us to move forward and make us realize how powerful beings we actually are.

Each star is described in the manual, as well as how to use and pass on the system.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Newly revised 41 pages manual (March 2023) including new information!

• Energy stronger than ever
• Revised and expanded manual from 8 to 41 pages, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and guidance as you explore the intricacies of this unique healing system.
I will prepare the attunement in advance and you will be able to receive it at your convenience.

Thank you so much for this beautiful healing system of Royal Stars Reiki Platinum. The energies feel so refreshing and powerful! Meditating with the stars is a beautiful experience! The new manual is so helpful! Especially the small pointers like how to meditate with the stars like if one is new to working with Aldebaran's energy, it's a good idea to start small, perhaps by meditating on its energy for a few minutes each day and gradually increasing practice over time. Small pointers, but highly helpful🙏Thank You, Once again.

"...That was incredible. The energies have just grounded into my body. The magnetism was vast and powerful and became pure energy/consciousness. So divine and beautiful was the experience. My heart chakra so expansive and I could feel a healing in my physical body too from left eye to right shoulder blade to the right eye. The bones physically moving. The magnetism changed to fire as the energies grounded and I still feel that recalibration going on. My body loves this. My Hara and Root chakras are alive and deep. My coccyx just wiggled as I write and the sacrum is alive.....a lot going on there.......exciting! Thank so very much Marijana. You are a Beautiful and Divinely Powerful Lady/Goddess. I know that I am going to love working with the System and Lanto too! My body is still drinking the energies in but I am very grounded......that is, amazing because that is something I usually find harder to do. WOW! So Much Love and Gratitude and Pure Joy!..."


“Dear Marijana, these are strong energies and I felt it working in the Sahasrara, Ajna, and Anahata, also hands and in the left and right brain, finally in the whole body. The quality of light was sometimes changing, I still feel the energy working in the head. Great work. Thank you so much. Blessings and hugs”


“Wonderful, I feel this very strong! thanks a lot!”


“Dear Marijana, thank you very much for your amazing attunement! When you sent the Royal Stars Reiki attunement to me, I felt energy moving. That was very powerful. Thank you,”


“Liebe Marijana, vielen Dank für die Einstimmung und das Diplom. Ich hatte sogar Angst bekommen, da die Ohrgeräusche von Grillen, so gewaltig war. Es war eine Frequenz und eine Schwingung im Kopf zu spüren, die ich noch nie erlebt habe. Gerade eben habe ich mir 4 x 5 Minuten auf dem dazugehörigen Chakra eine Anwendung gegeben und fühle mich nun zufrieden und sehr entspannt. Vielen Dank und einen wunderschönen Abend noch.”


“I feel like a STAR ... I feel magical, grateful ... I feel myself shining from the inside and I am very happy. This has a special place in my life, a special purpose and a special charm. <3 Thank you, Marijana Gabrielsen, to ANTARES and back” 


“It is veeeeeery nice… Strong but gentle, like a hug. It is somehow spiral, that’s how I feel it. The energy is wonderful!”


 “Thank you, my dear, for this beautiful experience from the bottom of my heart! I accepted this energy from you with love and pleasure.”