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Path to Rejuvenation - Access knowledge that can transform the way you view rejuvenation & aging!

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In this highly controversial course, I will be sharing:
• How time, when observed and acknowledged as an illusion, 
can reverse aging!
• How to break out of human consciousness, 
where the concept of aging is stored!
• How to break the “curse of mortality” - a literal curse, 
that was put on humanity eons ago, to enslave the human race!
• An energy activation, that will help to clear and strengthen your Hara chakra and Etheric body! A strong Etheric energy field is one of the secrets, to rejuvenating the physical body!
• A powerful energy activation to strengthen and enhance the Universal Life Force intake into the physical body!
and more!
The course has 4 modules and is delivered over 16 days, with about 5 days in between each module.