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Transform Negativity Attunement package - 4 Powerful Energies for Aura Protection, Transforming Negativity & Kundalini Enhancement

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Coming to this realm, we have chosen to face duality. To experience both good and bad. What we should always strive for is to keep common sense, balance and self-confidence. Our reality is not marked by external factors, but by our reactions to them. The most successful path is to be a peaceful warrior who dares to face negativity and chooses positivity.

These attunements offer us powerful tools that are easy to use for fast and potent sessions. They mainly work on our Solar plexus, because, the stronger is, but genuinely strong, the less is a possibility for us to experience negative forms of energies, whether they are thought forms, sorrow, self-pity, or entities. From that point, it is much easier to be who we truly are and develop our reality in the most desirable and beneficial way!

The combined benefits of the energies in this package:

• Transforms & dissolves negativity
• Aura protection
• Strengthens the Kundalini
• Strengthens & balances the Solar plexus chakra
• Infuse into water to create a powerful "healing elixir"
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers
• No pre-requisites

This package contains the following powerful attunements:

Sun Star Attunement is warm and transformative energy from the Sun that works on releasing negativity, negative emotions, and entities of low frequency. This energy is potent and it goes directly into the source of a problem and transforms it. Actually, it heals and transforms the cause of negative emotions or low vibrations. It also heals the physical part of the body that was under the influence of negativity. We are not going to experience strong cleansings with energy due to transformational quality. It is the energy that is going to dissolve negativity and transform it into lightness. It works great with Gold Reiki as well.

Yellow Nectar from Solar Angels is the energy specially intended for charging water. When you charge water with this energy, tiny particles are going to fill up water with transformative energy. Drinking energy-infused water, negativity in your Solar plexus is going to be transformed. The Solar plexus is a very absorbing part of our energy body. However, if we have a strong Solar plexus, we are going to reduce situations where we take over negativity from others. People with well-balanced Solar plexus have self-confidence, are at peace, and actually know their own value. But If it becomes weak, there is a possibility that our aura gets damaged, and we become prone to absorb negative energy. This energy is actually going to balance and strengthen our Solar plexus in a transformative way.

Kundalini Rise from Master Kuthumi This energy firstly works on our Root chakra, activates, strengthens, and boosts our Kundalini channel (Sushumna). It is based on a principle of a laser beam that goes fast through all chakras, from the Root up to the Crown chakra. It is going to cleanse our Sushumna fast, on a very deep level, and after the session, you are going to feel really strong and refreshed.

Golden Aura Protective Layer is an ethereal layer full of golden particles that fill up holes in our aura in case of its damage. The aura can be damaged due to energy attacks, emotions of low vibration, illness, or suffering. It is intended to fulfill those holes, so we are fully protected.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!