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Spiritual Advancement - 5 Powerful Attunements for Divine Connection, Communicative Skills & Protection

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It is the perfect time to upgrade ourselves with new skills!
No matter how much we work on ourselves, there is always room for personal advancement and growth. Perhaps it's about connecting more deeply with Mother Earth or exploring the depths of our inner feelings. Maybe we aim to enhance our communication skills.
Whatever the reasons, this is the perfect opportunity to dedicate our precious time to them!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Promotes our Communicative Skills
• Protective energy
• Strengthening Divine Connection
• Promotes our personal strength & mental abilities
• Strengthens our connection to Nature & Mother Earth
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This package contains the following attunements:

Uriel’s Wing of Wisdom: This light green energy is connected to the Heart chakra, helping us tap into our inherent wisdom. It fosters a connection to God, allowing us to feel God's presence within. Whenever we forget our unity with God, this energy serves as a reminder. It exudes a comforting and warm sensation, especially when the Heart chakra is open, making us feel enveloped by God’s love. This energy also supports physical well-being but primarily aids in transforming our consciousness and understanding our oneness with God.

Zadkiel’s Ring of Nourishment: Radiating a golden glow, this energy works on a cellular level, both within our aura and inside our body. Resembling a cocoon of positivity adorned with golden sparkles, it nurtures self-healing, self-awareness, self-love, protection, and transformation. Upon application, one might feel a gentle breeze—either cool or warm—depending on personal energy perception. Its profound effects continue even after the session concludes, eliminating the need for extended sessions.

Indigo Ray from Archangel Michael: A potent protective force, this energy bolsters our insight into personal power. Apart from being an excellent shield against negativity, the “Indigo Ray” enhances personal strength, mental faculties, wards off headaches, and elevates general awareness. This energy spiritually aligns us with daily life, allowing for a broader perspective and deeper understanding of our experiences.

Green Cloak of Lady Nada: Linking us to Mother Earth, this energy paves the way to accessing the higher domains of nature. From people to plants, rocks, forests, oceans, and animals, it reminds us of our interconnected essence. It's especially useful during moments of detachment or anger, or when our love for humanity and nature wavers. By employing this energy, we're gently reminded of our collective unity as God's creations. While applying the “Green Cloak of Lady Nada”, one feels enveloped in warmth and universal love. This energy can also be sent to Mother Earth during group or solitary meditations, especially directing it to regions experiencing adversities.

Blue Gemstone from Metatron: Targeting the Throat chakra, this energy aids in expressing our truth. It facilitates recognition of one's genuine beliefs and articulating them without causing harm to others. Speaking in such a manner fosters self-respect and encourages acknowledgment of diverse perspectives. The “Blue Gemstone” motivates eloquent communication, proving beneficial during public speaking engagements, for educators, singers, and even in daily interactions. It's particularly useful for those hesitant to voice their thoughts. Activate this energy during casual conversations or social events to ensure enriching interactions. After all, Earthly experiences should also be filled with joy.

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