Nature Connection & Protection Attunement Package

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Welcome to our exclusive and nurturing course, "Embracing Nature's Energy: A Journey to Inner Harmony"! Designed with love and care, this course is perfect for those who seek to become more protected, connected to nature, and in tune with their inner selves. Through a variety of enriching and transformative practices, you'll unlock your hidden potential and embrace the healing power of nature.

In this course, you'll explore five powerful energy practices that will help you deepen your connection with nature and enhance your overall well-being:

Blue Sea ShellIt's called Blue Sea Shell because that is how it is shaped and works, in a kind of spiral. It is connected to the throat chakra and it helps to make your voice be heard. It opens up and cleanses your throat chakra. It not only opens up for speaking the truth, but it also helps you to express your talents! It is beneficial for all people, but especially artists. It is further excellent to use for improving communication between people.

Copper Hexagon Essence: This energy is excellent to use for protection and cleansing an area!  You can make energy tools of copper wire and fill it up with this energy. It can be a part of jewelry or a part of a home accessory that will cleanse any area of negative spirits and entities.

Astara's Gift: Asara's Gift is a bright and radiant energy that comes from Astara, an aspect of the Tripple Goddess. It is intended to put you in a meditative state where you are able to completely relax and rejuvenate! Furthermore, it is great for new beginnings, especially when you are in front of decisions or new projects in life. When you begin working with this energy, be ready for new beginnings! You might feel inspired to begin reconsidering things in your life. Astara's Gift is to be used as a meditation. Sit or lie in a meditative position and have the intention of starting the energy. Completely Relax, from your toes to your head and become aware of that relaxation. After that, imagine that you are in a very beautiful place with beautiful nature. The Sun is shining and everything is bright. There is a water spring that you can hear and even smell how fresh and clean it is.

Deep Orange Ray: This energy connects you to the spirits of nature, that are connected to both the Earth and the Sun. Those energies are very bright and very helpful in meditation. It is recommended to use the energy during the day when the Sun is active. It gives you special, vibrant, tangible feeling that is very unique. The energy of Deep Orange Ray is associated with the lower chakras and it connects and grounds you to the Earth. It is excellent in helping you to make important decisions and for awakening the life force inside of yourself. It is further great to use for rejuvenation and for the transformation of negative stagnant energy into positive refreshed energy! The ray is excellent for boosting life force and strength, and it is good to use before performing the daily activities.

Ametrine EssenceConcentration, success, calming, dissolves tension, opens up to higher wisdom and dimensions!

Benefits from the energies in this course:

  • Enhance communication and self-expression skills
  • Boost creativity and unlock artistic potential
  • Strengthen protection against negative energies
  • Promote relaxation and rejuvenation through meditation
  • Encourage personal growth and new beginnings
  • Improve decision-making and increase life force
  • Connect with nature and its revitalizing energy
  • Transform negativity into positive, refreshed energy
  • Increase focus, success, and access to higher wisdom
Include manuals and a beautiful certificate!