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Anti-Spiritual Attack Attunement Package

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This package contains the following 12 energies:

White Curtain from Archangel Michael: The name White Curtain is a metaphor. Remember when you were a child and you were hiding behind the curtain so no one sees you? This energy is doing something very similar. It has the ability to make you invincible to evil spirits and entities, so they don't attack you, place implants on you, or haunt you. After activating this energy you will be invincible for spells and curses. This energy will further raise your vibration and help you realize how strong and powerful being you are! You can use the energy of White Curtain on rooms, apartments, and houses. It can even be used for a town. The energy lasts for 24 hours before it has to be re-activated.

Archangel Michael's SwordA combination of the colors red, orange, and yellow. It's used for cutting off etheric threads to negative entities, fallen spirits, dead people who did not ascend into the light, and ancestors that are not beneficial. It's further excellent to use as protection during the night.

5 Gifts of the Holy Spirit: The ultimate space cleansing and purification package!

These 5 gifts from the Holy Spirit can help you bless, purify, and cleanse any space from negative entities and stagnant energies!

This package contains the following attunements:

● Light bomb from the Holy Spirit - A purifying super-strong instant flash of light!

● Holy Spirit Blessed Water - "Sprinkle" to purify and bless any space.

● Orb of Holy Spirit - It can be directed to "patrol" and protect a space for up to 12 hours.

● Holy Rain - Activate this gift for a soothing and purifying "Holy Rain" covering any area up to 10 m in diameter. 

● Dome of Holy Spirit - This gift will create a protective dome for any area. It protects a space up to 7 m in diameter for up to 12 hours.

Blue Cocoon from Archangel MichaelThe Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael works on the aura. When you activate the energy, it creates a cocoon around your aura that protects you from negative influence, entities, thought forms, negative implants, and anything that is unbeneficial for you! You can activate The Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael when you start and finish the day. You can combine the cocoon activation with other energy techniques, such as Reiki. You will most likely have the feeling that you are more protected than usual.

White Cocoon from Archangel GabrielWhite Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel will create an energetic protective cocoon around the aura! It is especially good for energy workers, Reiki healers, and people who do massage, group meditations, or any spiritual work. It is beneficial to help create your own "personal space" of protection. You can use it after a healing session with another person and it will help cut the "ethereal threads".

Archangel Metatron’s ShieldArchangel Metatron’s Shield is a very potent energy that is intended to surround us, in order to prevent unbeneficial energies and entities from entering our personal space! There should be a kind of "spiritual distance" from other people that are protecting us from potentially unbeneficial energies. Archangel Metatron’s Shield can help us in that process. It is also good to use before sleeping. When you go to sleep just activate Metatron’s Shield to stay protected during the night. You will most likely notice how you wake up completely rested and rejuvenated. Archangel Metatron’s Shield is further excellent to use after any energy work!

Orb of SunIt's a beautiful, radiant sphere that comes from the sun! It consists of 4 layers: Yellow, white, yellow, and white. It’s a very protective energy that works to create a cape/shield around you. You simply meditate for 15 minutes with this energy and it will add a strong protective layer around you!

Yellow Stars from Archangel JophielYellow Stars from Archangel Jophiel is a soothing, gentle, feminine, and very transforming energy. When we activate it, it moves from our Crown chakra to the lower chakras and it helps in healing our ethereal body. “Yellow Stars” is a very subtle and gentle energy. It is called “stars” because it comes in the shape of snowflakes. Many tiny energies in the shape and motion of a snowflake fall on us when we activate this energy. When they "fall on us", they become one with us and stay there as a protective shield for our energy body. If we carry any negativity, it can help transform it into positive so we stay clear and energized.

Includes manuals for all attunements.