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Angelic Wonders - 5 Powerful Energies for Cleansing Negativity, Connecting to The Divine & Building Strength

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Discover the power of the combined energies brought to you by the Archangels. These energies cleanse negativity from your body, connect you to the Divine through prayer, ground you in Mother Earth's healing energies, build your strength and balance, and nurture your delicate feelings. All these benefits are waiting for you.

Whether through meditation, hands-on healing, or group sessions, these energies impart warmth, gentleness, and empowerment to your soul. Embrace these gifts and experience their profound effects on your life!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Cleansing of the physical body from negativity through a potent ray of combined pink-green energy from Archangels
• Connecting to the Divine and receiving important
• Grounding and connecting to Mother Earth
• Healing from Mother Earth for meditation and grounding purposes
• Masculine energy for building up strength and balancing energies in the body
• Beneficial for relationship issues, discovering potentials, overcoming difficulties, and boosting the immune system
• Subtle, innocent, and pure energy for delicate feelings connected to the heart chakra
• Helps in showing delicate feelings to the world and enhances the connection to the Divine
• Enhances connection to the Divine through the heart chakra

The package contains the following attunements:

Archangels' Pink-Green RayArchangels' Pink-Green Ray Attunement (from Zadkiel, Uriel and Raphael) is a wonderful energy that can cleanse the physical body from negativity. It's a powerful and fast energy, thanks to the united energies of these Archangels, which creates a potent and transformative ray. Embracing this energy can bring about profound cleansing and healing, helping to uplift and rejuvenate the body and spirit.

Uriel’s Purple Ring: Uriel's Purple Ring is a beautiful and sacred energy that is particularly well-suited for those who have a deep affinity for prayer. It is connected to the crown chakra, with its colors ranging from purple to violet and even to white, encompassing a full spectrum of majestic hues. This energy is not only beneficial for channelers, but also for those who seek a pure and uncomplicated relationship with the Divine. The simplicity of Uriel's Purple Ring is a powerful aspect of its energy, enhancing your prayers and connecting you to the Divine in profound ways. It can facilitate the reception of important answers, both in the moment of using the energy and even later on. This sacred energy envelops you in a sense of divine guidance, allowing you to tap into the wisdom and insight of the Divine with grace and ease. Embracing Uriel's Purple Ring can truly amplify your spiritual connection and elevate your prayer practice to new heights.

Emerald Stream from Uriel: The Emerald Stream from Archangel Uriel is a profound and nurturing energy that is designed to connect you deeply with the abundant gifts of Mother Earth. With its deep emerald hue, this energy carries a powerful resonance with the healing energies of nature, including the grass, rivers, and the natural world at large. It serves as a powerful tool for grounding, allowing you to anchor yourself to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Despite its green color, the Emerald Stream also holds a special connection to the root chakra and the essence of Mother Earth herself. It is a beautiful synergy of healing and grounding, providing you with a profound sense of connection and harmony with the natural world. When you embrace this energy, you open yourself up to receive the blessings, wisdom, and healing that Mother Earth so generously bestows upon us all. Allow the Emerald Stream from Uriel to envelop you in its gentle, nurturing embrace, and feel the deep connection to the beauty and abundance of our beloved planet.

Nathaniel’s Blue & Black Ethereal Crystal: Archangel Nathaniel's Blue & Black Ethereal Crystal is a powerful and dynamic energy that carries a masculine essence, perfect for building strength and resilience. Its deep blue and black hues exude a sense of stability and grounding, providing a solid foundation for personal growth and empowerment. This crystal is not limited to any specific gender, as it benefits both men and women alike. For men, it boosts masculine energy and supports the development of masculine principles. For women, it helps to activate and embrace their inherent masculine qualities, aiding in balance and harmony within. It can be used to address relationship issues and aid in the search for one's true soul mate, bringing clarity and alignment to matters of the heart. Furthermore, this ethereal crystal is highly versatile in its applications. It aids in balancing energies within the body, making adjustments to the masculine principle as needed. It can unlock hidden potentials, provide the strength to overcome challenges, and support overall health and well-being, including the immune system. Nathaniel's Blue & Black Ethereal Crystal is a potent energy that transcends specific chakras, making it a versatile tool for personal growth and empowerment. Embrace its masculine energy and allow it to guide you on your journey to greater strength, resilience, and self-discovery.

String of Palea: The String of Palea is a beautiful and gentle golden energy that is perfectly suited for delicate feelings. It carries a subtle, innocent, and pure essence that resonates with the most tender and sensitive aspects of your soul. Its feminine energy is transparent and soothing, bringing comfort and healing to the heart chakra. This energy is specifically designed to help you navigate and address any issues or challenges related to your delicate emotions in a gentle and pleasant manner. It encourages openness and vulnerability, allowing you to express your deepest feelings to the world with ease and grace. It supports you in connecting with your innermost emotions and facilitates healing and release where needed. The String of Palea is also ideal for group meditations, creating a harmonious and supportive environment for collective healing and growth. Its golden energy radiates warmth and compassion, enveloping you in a cocoon of nurturing energy. Embrace the subtle yet powerful energy of the String of Palea as you explore and honor your delicate feelings. Allow it to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and emotional empowerment with its gentle and loving presence.

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