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Manifestation Course From Mother Earth™

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Welcome to this amazing manifestation course!

It has four parts and each of them is crucial for the process of manifestation and 10 powerful attunements! Not only is it a manifestation system, but also a stand-alone healing system using the energy of the rainbow rays!

The first of them consists of seven powerful attunements in seven rays of the real rainbow. They correspond to each chakra in our ethereal body. Why is this important? Our body and chakra system should be clean and full of potential energy so we can do any energy work, especially manifestation. All our chakras should function in order to be ready for opening up for full potential as powerful human beings who create through God. There is a list of these unique attunements and why they are so important:

The first rainbow ray is the Red Rainbow Ray connected to our first chakra (Muladhara). Using this Ray, we are going to ground better and be more connected to Earthly, daily life. It promotes abundance and personal strength.

The second rainbow ray is the Orange Rainbow Ray that is connected to our second chakra (Svadhishthana). It is there to boost life force, abundance, healthy sexuality, and creativity in general.

The third rainbow ray is the Yellow Rainbow Ray that is connected to our solar plexus chakra (Manipura). It gives us insights into who we really truly are, what we can achieve, and what our life mission and purpose on planet Earth are. It also helps us to regain self-confidence and gives us insight into the true potential we came with. That potential is unlocked easier and we become stronger in areas of life that we were born for. Furthermore, it boosts our natural intuition. Also, when this chakra is open and functions properly, we are more protected spiritually.

The fourth rainbow ray is the Green Rainbow Ray that is connected to our heart chakra (Anahata) and it is there to boost our connection to God. It connects us to Mother Earth as well. By connecting to this Ray, we are going to develop emotional and respectful relationships with Mother Earth, the Sun, and elements in nature. We boost our sense of unity with creation and open up emotionally.

The fifth rainbow ray is the Blue Rainbow Ray that is connected to our throat chakra (Vishuddha). It helps us stand our ground, speak our personal truth, and express truth from God. It also teaches us how to speak out the truth to the world, how to be courageous and brave, how to fluently express emotions and inner desires, and show everything that we truly deeply are.

The sixth rainbow ray is the Indigo Rainbow Ray that is connected to the third eye chakra (Ajna). It helps us to connect to the spiritual world, both to angels and all spiritual guides. When our third eye is open we see better what is “behind the curtain”. It means that we can go beyond what is visible with our eyes only and open up for higher truth, become better intuitive readers of energy systems, people, and their emotions.

The seventh rainbow ray is the Violet Rainbow Ray that is connected to our crown chakra (Sahasrara) and it helps us in our ultimate connection to God. It is going to help us open to the Universe and its truths, our personal truth, gain higher knowledge and become a better channeler.

Furthermore, we have gotten the wonderful “Sunset Meditation by Archangel Jophiel”. During this meditation, we are going to find out exactly what we need at a particular moment in our life. We are inspired by Archangel Jophiel and pure Sun potential. Also, we get the “Planet Sun” attunement to make the whole process more vibrant, potent, and mesmerizing. It teaches us how to be in the present moment and be aware of our true wishes, of what we really need.

The third part of this mini-course is “Tree Meditation with Red-brown Spinners”. It is a very unique meditation where we are going to connect to the abundance of Mother Earth. We will use powerful attunement in Spinners, little vortexes of energies connected to our feet in order to connect to the Earth and receive all the benefits it has to offer us. We are going to be grounded more than ever and from that state, we can really achieve a lot on this Earthly plane.

Last, but not the least is “Manifestation Diary”. All we need is an attunement in the energy of Ascended Master Abundantia, a red notebook, and a red pen. We are supposed to write down our wishes, “attune” our notebook into the Abundantia’s energy, and check from time to time how our wishes are coming true. Do not forget that the red color is the color of manifestation. We will focus on positive thoughts and prepare ourselves for our dreams coming true!

Includes a 15-page manual and a beautiful certificate!