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Spiritual Protection Fusion by Archangel Michael - Entity Removal

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How wonderful it is to feel strong, protected, and self-confident!

The most powerful force we have in the universe is love and trust in God.

However, sometimes we might feel low due to the effect of the lower frequency energies. We might feel drained and feel as if our personal space was invaded.

Archangel Michael with his Angels and potent energies based on a principle of the White Light protects us and purifies us from negative entities.

Keep your protection shield high, and your faith even higher!

Spiritual Protection Fusion is the energy system for energy protection and purification that comes from Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael’s name means “who is like God”. He is the first of seven Archangels. He represents Heaven's force and the protector of the Earth. Christians consider him as a Saint Archangel. According to Islam, he is going to be the one who defeats evil in the world. He is usually mentioned together with the Archangel Gabriel.

This energy system is there to help us clear our spiritual path. All of us are under the influence of outer spiritual energies and entities. Angels and Archangels are there to help and protect us while they respect our free will granted by God. However, there are entities with lower spiritual vibrations. They tend to disturb us in following our spiritual path, in spiritual growth, strengthening our faith in God, and in fulfilling our life potential. In order to get cleansed from their influence and protect from them, there are new, good energies that come from Archangel Michael, who protects and guides us. This fusion of energies is really potent and strong. It is based on protective White Light that works on our physical being as well. This system heals and purifies on a cellular level.

The first step in Spiritual Protection Fusion is the energy named Vortex of Purification. This potent vortex is a strong energy that goes directly into the source of the issue. It means that it deals with the dilemma of why we attract negativity in our life. It can be many things: from a fallen spirit, a negative mental program, negative energy collected during a day or over some period, to simply stagnant energy due to some unpleasant event that caused negative emotions in us. Whatever the reason is, the Vortex of Purification is gentle and subtle, yet powerful energy that purifies us on a deep cellar level!

The second step in this system is Positive Thought Energy. This energy is concentrated on our Solar Plexus. It comes from Archangel Michael and it is also based on the principle of White Light. This purifying energy is going to fill us up with strength, self-awareness, and protection. It brings a feeling of completeness.

The final step in this amazing healing system is True Connection Energy. It is performed at the end of the cleaning session. True Connection is really subtle and relaxing energy. It strongly regenerates, fulfills, and uplifts our spirit. It brings us to a state of a peaceful moment where we know where we belong.

The bonus powerful energy in this wonderful system is Black Tourmaline Essence. This amazing energy is good for protection, purifying from negative entities, and removing blockages. It is also good for self-confidence, reducing fear, and grounding. It creates a powerful, protective shield around our aura and personal space!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!