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*** Upgraded in April 2023 + Expanded Manual (from 12 to 36 pages)! ***

Earth Reiki is a profound and life-changing self-development system!

Earth Reiki combines the source of Mother Earth and Universal Life Force and creates a perfect unity of these two energies!

Throughout this course, you will discover a variety of grounding practices, meditations, and healing exercises that help you connect deeply with the Earth's energy and achieve balance, harmony, and abundance in your life. Whether you are new to Reiki or an experienced practitioner, this course will guide you on a transformative journey towards personal growth, inner peace, and a deeper connection with the Earth.

Earth Reiki will help us to

• Learn powerful grounding techniques to improve physical and mental health
• Develop skills to perform self-healing and healing on others
• Experience the power of manifestation to attract abundance in your life
• Explore meditative exercises that connect you with your inner sanctuary
• Heal relationships with your parents by addressing your inner feminine and masculine aspects
• Enhance your emotional balance, resilience, and overall well-being
• Connect more deeply to the four elements
• Experience a deeper grounding
• Give us more strength and courage to move forward in difficult situations
• Enhance and boost the intuition
• Boost our natural talents
• Balance the masculine and feminine side
• Give us a deeper understanding of life and lessons on Earth
• Be more who we truly are

After the attunements, you will feel more grounded, and deep transformation will begin to take place.

You can expect vivid dreams and hidden issues can arise to the surface to be released. The result of this will be, that you will become more who you truly are and you will be much more aligned with your life's mission!

The system has powerful 3 attunements and 3 symbols.

You will learn how to perform hands-on, distant healing and how to perform the unique attunement procedure. The manual further contains a touching channeled message from Mother Earth, a healing exercise "Earth Temple" and a more detailed explanation of how the system works.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!