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Channeling & Creativity - 6 Powerful Attunements to Help Communicate with the Spirit world, Dissolve Blocks & Entity Removal

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Dive deep into a transformative experience with our unique spiritual package, designed to elevate your consciousness and connect you to realms beyond the ordinary. Harness the energies of the universe to communicate with the spirit world, channel higher frequencies, and discover the boundless potential within you.

Each attunement within this collection serves as a key to unlock different facets of your spiritual self.

Embrace the journey, and let the energies guide you to a deeper understanding and connection to the universe!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Help communicate with the spirit world
• Help open you to the ability to channel
• Discovering yourself & your deepest potential
• Helps dissolve blocks and remove negative entities
• Opens the Crown Chakra
• Help release your creative potential
• Neutralizes negativity
• Strengthens our connection to Mother Earth
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

The package contains the following attunements:

White Pearls of Andromeda: White Pearls of Andromeda is a very shiny, radiant, and powerful energy! When the energy is applied, it goes through the astral body and shines out with its radiant color of full-spectrum light! It helps us to adjust to other frequencies, communicate with the spirit world, and to access higher spiritual civilizations. The energy of White Pearls of Andromeda is excellent for rising our frequency, so that we may be more open to the ability to channel. It's further good to use as healing energy, as the high-frequency can help to dissolve blocks and remove negative entities from our astral and physical body!

White Pen of Archangel Michael: Use it for inspiration! Simply charge a physical pen with this energy! The pen should be the “pen of your heart” because it leads you to write your deepest thoughts and things about yourself. It releases your writing and creative potential! Can be used with benefit together with the Spiritual Diary of Archangel Michael.

Spiritual Diary of Archangel Michael: With this attunement, you can take a real physical diary and charge it with a very specific protection energy! The idea is to write your spiritual development into that diary. This way you can keep track of your own progress over time. You can write about your healing sessions, the attunements you get, experiences from channelings, etc. It's like a spiritual book of YOU! You don't need to write in it every day, but for those special experiences that you reveal and discover in your life, write it in that book. It's a very potent, powerful, and encouraging practice to do, as it will enable you to see your progress over time. The point of charging a physical book with this specific energy from Archangel Michael is, that it will place a protection over the book and the personal writings in that diary. Can be used with benefit together with the White Pen of Archangel Michael!

Golden Stargate: The Golden Stargate is an energy that has a golden color and golden features, for example gold reiki. The purpose of the Golden Stargate is to open up yourself to yourself, in order to reach your deepest potential. It's about discovering yourself! Meditate with this energy in order to reach the deepest places of your being!

Hestia’s Scarf: Connected to the throat chakra. This energy can aid us to be more creative and to be able to better express ourselves, whether it's singing, writing, public speaking, etc. It's all about releasing the throat chakra in a creative way! It is good for organs connected to the throat chakra, like the vocal cords.

Purple Flower of Zadkiel: The Purple Flower of Zadkiel is an ethereal flower, that gently opens up the Crown Chakra, and then connects to all the other chakras, whereafter it will ground you. It's called a flower because it's connected to Mother Earth, but at the same time, it has that violet color that is connected to the crown chakra. So the energy connects you to both the cosmical spheres and at the same time it grounds you, by opening all the other chakras and then going down to mother earth.

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