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Intuitive Development Program from Goddess Eir - Advanced Course

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We present this advanced program with pride. We thank Goddess Eir for an amazing, wise, and inspiring channeled message, and for wonderful and potent energies that will change our perspective. 

This program contains energies from a new era. It brings changes and opens us to be more intuitive, and more humble and inspires us to be the best healers we can possibly be. It encourages our self-development and persistence. Usually, we channeled systems that are without prerequisites. However, this system requires that you are already a healer or have basic knowledge about healing, Reiki, and intuition. 

It is very special because of its different approach. It encourages you to work on yourself in depth and see other people and the whole world in depth. We do believe that you are going to enjoy this unique personal process with these great energies. We also look forward to hearing from you about how deep and beneficial your spiritual growth is going to be. Both with yourself and your friends, family, clients, and students. Good luck.

Channeled message from Goddess Eir: “Where exactly do you want to go when you think that you want to open your third eye and boost your intuition? What is your ultimate intention? Do you want to read people, your acquaintances, and your friends? Do you want to read people's minds? All these questions are important to ask yourself. What is your true intention of being a healer, of being intuitive, and of seeing beyond? 

If you want to see the truth, you have to be ready to see it. That's the point. There are no so-called shorter ways to see the truth, and sometimes intentionally opening the third eye fast is not the best way to boost your intuition. The goal is not to see something that you're not ready to see, because what is the point of being intuitive, of being open, of being sensitive? It has to be healing and helping other people and, of course, yourself in the first place. Because of introspection. Seeing outside has a “condition”. In order to see outside, you first have to look inside. That is the safest, the best, the most secure, and the right path to be able to see other people's realities. First, you see yourself in-depth, you see your true personality, you see your own fears, your pain, your negative beliefs, and everything that you don't like seeing about yourself. After you have seen and dealt with that, you're going to have pure intention in seeing other people's truths. Your wish is going to be to help and serve them."

This program is given to inspire you, to give you boosters for your intuition and your intuitive work. I strongly advise you to work on yourself, on your psychological, and mental health, on your emotions, on everything that should boost your virtues, first as a good human being, then as a good positive big-hearted healer. This course should last continuously for about a month working on yourself. Feel free and inspired in that period to read books about self-development, mental health, and understanding people. Meditate as much as you can, be positive, hydrate your body, and try not to drink or smoke a lot if you have that habit.

These are tools that you're going to use mainly based on your intuition. However, working with others does not exclude working on yourself and building yourself as a person. 

The energies in this course:

Ametrine Empowerment 

This powerful combination of ethereal amethyst and citrine is called “empowerment” because it simultaneously opens and boosts the Third Eye chakra and the Solar Plexus in combination, a so-called symbiosis of energy. By having that, you're going to be a better intuitive reader, because this system is based on intuitive readings. It is really going to help you because intuitive reading is not something detached from healing. It should work in combination because the better you see something, the better you will know how to heal and help a person.

Purple Drops Meditation from Goddess Eir

This is another part of this system that is going to boost your intuition. It's a very gentle energy that you should activate and meditate on. Not more than once a week. There are four meditations per month. 

Violet Orchid Virtues from Goddess Eir

This is a truly unique energy of the new era, that is perfect for this system to be combined with. It's an amazing tool for building the virtues of a healer. It represents your own spiritual growth. Of course, everything is connected to the Third Eye chakra. It's opening you to see positive things about yourself, about other people, and about the world. It is there to inspire you to see only the best. 

Intuitive Vibration 

This is a special energy with the vibration of a deep purple color. When you activate the energy, it moves like a spiral that goes into your third eye and it's a really, really strong energy that should be done around 5 minutes when you feel ready. The decision of when to use this energy is left to you to feel when you are ready to have deeper insights. It's building your intuition by allowing you to feel when you need to go to higher levels of intuitive readings.

Goddess Eir’s Third Eye Booster 

It is a very unique energy from Goddess Eir that promotes your connection to Goddess Eir. You can perform it for yourself and you can also perform it for your clients. It is truly special because it helps you in your practice when you work with someone, especially if you feel a blockage in a person’s Third Eye.

Benefits of this system:

• Suitable for experienced healers and teachers
• Boosts intuition
• Encourages personal development
• Promotes personal virtues
• Helps you do intuitive readings in a healing process
• Gives you insights into how to open the Third Eye chakra and stay objective
• Promotes compassion, deep understanding & patience
• Connects you with Goddess Eir
• Encourages you to work on your inner being, psychological and spiritual part of your life
After completion, you will be able to teach this program to others.

This program includes a 19 pages instruction manual and a beautiful certificate.


"...It's an incredible energy. I love the channeled message from Goddess Eir. When you're confused, it can provide some amazing answers. I love the energy of Ametrine Empowerment. I have been using it for the past couple of days and am so inspired to read some good books on life coaching and work with crystals more. During my purple-drop meditation, I was able to find myself as well as calmness. For sure, the inherent energy of the violet orchid increased compassion. Intuitive vibration and the third eye booster are gentle but powerful energies.😊..."