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Golden Abundance Energies from Ascended Master Abundantia

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Once again beloved Ascended Master Abundantia has blessed us with the most beautiful energies for unlocking our potential, prosperity, and the abundance we all deserve!

These magnificent energies can help us open for that "golden flow", that can bless and enrich our lives beyond what we can imagine! 

The combined benefits from the energies in this system:

• Abundance
• Money Saving
• Blessings
• Manifestation
• Luck
• Finding a dream job
• Positive programming
• Energy Cleansing
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Channeled message from Ascended Master Abundantia:

“This course is good for activating Solar Plexus. Why solar plexus?

Because it is connected to our ego… and why are we dealing with ego this time?

In some spiritual circles, people tend to say that ego is bad. But ego needs to be healthy as well.

You should know your unique personal value. You should know how to perform your job, how to find a dream job, and how to show your true potential. The place where you are going to find the most happiness is where you shine the most. It is not only about earning money and having material abundance, it is about the place where you flourish, blossom, and show your true face, abilities, and talents! There's nothing wrong with that. You came into this earthly plane, the so-called material world all around you with a reason. Not only did you come here to master becoming a “spiritual being”, but also to master being someone who appreciates the material world. The one who knows how to deal with that and who sees nothing bad in abundance! 

No one says that you should be greedy, only think about yourself, or not help others. Abundance can bring lots of amazing things when we talk about the material world. For example, money can buy medicine for someone who is in need, it can buy food, it can buy a house to have a roof above your head, etc. It can help lots of people, not only yourself.

So if you do have enough money, still try to seek the best in yourself. To build compassion. That is why we all talk about balance in this world.

But also you can't be just “spiritual” if you came to experience this material world. This course is about that. To open you up for goods that will come into your life and live in abundance! It is going to come in a flow that you are ready to receive, accept, and be able to distribute for yourself, for your family, friends, and do charity work.

So it is going to work for your highest good! You are not going to receive something that you're not ready to receive.

This course is also going to open you up to the best things YOU should have. Not all people need lots of cars or big houses etc. Some should own a hospital. Some should make shelters for other people, animals, and children in need.

So everyone has a purpose in this life and the mystery is how to unlock that purpose. How to discover it.

This course is also going to help you be more in touch with who you truly are when it comes to how you appear to the world. It's not just about the inner world. It's about how you show yourself to the outside world.

It is going to help you with your success, to know what true success is for you! Not only about how to earn money, but how to be happy by doing your desired dream job, what you are truly meant to be! Discover your inner talent and blossom and be the best version of yourself. Do what you truly love!

All people came with a unique talent for something. It's a gift from God! It's your life mission, your life purpose! Although you all have more life missions in life. Not only one. For example, one woman should be a mom as well. Also, she should be a nurse, a wife, someone's daughter, and someone's friend.

There are lots of roles in this life, but there is one specific talent that you all came with, that is going to be there to boost your talents and be of service to humanity through that talent. And there is nothing bad about being rewarded with a nice, peaceful, balanced life for doing that service for humanity, in the name of God.

So go through these energies, this course, and unlock your potential! Don't be afraid to discover who you truly are! Don't be afraid to accept abundance, money, a present from someone, a higher salary, etc. Be open to everything that you are offered in your material world. Be blessed!”

This package contains the following powerful attunements:

Golden Flower from Abundantia is an amazing energy that flourishes and nourishes your Solar Plexus chakra! It will help to balance your solar plexus chakra with the highest potential for you!

It is going to balance your ego so that you are able to discover more about it. How it can actually benefit us if we have a healthy ego! We learn to accept each other, and ourselves, respect other people's boundaries, and become self-aware and aware of our true potential!

Golden Flower from Abundantia is going to help you unlock your true potential and boost the talents you came with.

So it is a really wonderful and amazing energy that is going to provide you with self-confidence, security, and the ability to express yourself to the world! Not to be ashamed of yourself and who you truly are. You are going to be able to show your “true face” to the world and be proud of yourself and who you truly are! 

The energy is called “flower” because our chakras are usually represented as lotus flowers in different colors. This “flower energy” is for the “flourishing of your true self” and true potential.

Also, if you are searching for your “perfect job”, this energy can help you find it! Your profession should be a place where you are going to be seen and respected for who you are. Where you are going to feel true happiness and be able to provide for life in the best way you can!

Golden Coin from Abundantia is very interesting, unique, and new energy!

Imagine walking down the street and you see a fountain and you say “I want to make a wish”! And then you throw a coin into the fountain.

That’s exactly how this energy works! Make a wish, activate the energy, and imagine a coin going into a fountain!

It's a fountain of wishes!

There is nothing bad about having wishes. You really should be aware of that. We all have wishes and this energy is going to help you find something that you truly need at this moment.

Do you wish for money to pay off a loan, or a journey to Spain to see some wonderful buildings that you always wanted to see? No matter what, you should listen to that feeling when you activate the energy. I say “this particular moment” because sometimes we think we need a villa to be happy. But you never know. Maybe it’s just a “simple” thing that can make us happy. Something so-called “simple” or “small” can be small for someone, but big for us in one particular moment. 

Golden Hourglass from Abundantia is also a very interesting energy! It is a beautiful energy connected to the abundance that we truly deserve! It is going to connect us to our wishes, and desires and let us experience that we deserve everything that we need!

We are not talking about greediness or selfishness.

This energy can help unlock abundance. It is not the so-called attraction of abundance. It is called “opening for abundance”, to open our aura, our personal space, our home, our working space! To open for that golden flow, that amazing transformative energy that comes from God. From the whole world that simply IS!

It makes us one with this material world, showing us that there is nothing bad to be safe, secure, having enough, and having something extra also, example for charity work.

Golden Rain from Abundantia is a really subtle, gentle, and yet powerful energy!

It's connected to your personal aura; your “golden aura”.

The energy is intended to make you a “magnet” for abundance! For everything that is positive, and truly amazing!

Also to show you how to be open to a flow of goodies into your life. That can be money, health, good relationships, job relations, etc.

It cleanses and boosts the “golden aura”, so you can truly attract all things that are suitable for you!

You can program water with this energy too!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!