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Achieve Your Goals - 5 Powerful Energies for Achieving Goals, Life Mission, & Boost Clairvoyant Abilities

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This course is a testament to the human spirit's inherent desire for success, fulfillment, and self-realization. As we journey through life, pursuing our mission and striving towards our goals, we gather invaluable experiences that shape our soul and teach us life's most important lessons.

There may be times when we struggle to find the motivation, strength, and ideas to keep moving forward. It's important to remember that such moments are a natural part of life's journey, and it's perfectly okay as long as we continue to understand ourselves and the processes we're going through.

Each energy in this package has a unique role and purpose, all designed to help you on your journey towards achieving your goals. Whether it's helping you realize your life's mission, boosting your creativity, or strengthening your resolve, these energies are here to guide and support you. So, whether you're setting goals for the first time or looking to achieve long-standing ones, this course is here to help you on your journey!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Boosts our potential and inspiration
• Helps with developing & achieving life's mission & purpose
• Help us realizing & achieving our goals
• Boosts our clairvoyant abilities
• Enhances intuition and inspiration
• Boosts creativity and productivity
• Grounding
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Golden Arrow from Archangel Jophiel is an interesting energy that is intended to help us with the realization of our goals in life. It helps with developing and achieving life's mission and purpose, setting tasks in life, and having enough strength to achieve our goals in an easy, productive, and creative way. So it is both for goals that we already have set, and for the ones we should set in the future. This energy is also beneficial to inspire us to see what is truly good for us, for our job, creativity, or any kind of task that we need to perform. It can be something “small”, or something really important and meaningful for our life. Also, this energy is going to closely connect us to the Archangel Jophiel. It is great to have the attunement in the energy of the Archangel Jophiel, because they go great together. That combination is excellent for creative work, developing personal potential, inspiration, beauty, and benefits in our lives.

Stream of Wishes by Archangel Michael is the energy of the New Era, that is intended to help us in setting and achieving goals in life. It inspires us to make a wish list for short-term or long-term decisions by gently showing us how to choose the right and the best path for achieving our goals. It is given to inspire us on how to choose the best way to build success in a way that is both good for us and the people we love. Being in this high frequency, we can determine in an easier way what is truly good for us, what is maybe potentially good to postpone or forget about. Ask Archangel Michael for guidance, strength, and determination to fulfill your goals to the point where they are done in the highest and best way for you. Determination, dedication, and persistence are the virtues that are going to be developed by using this energy. It is also complementary to other spiritual, meditative, and psychological techniques that help us build these amazing virtues.

Violet Drop from Archangel Raziel is a gentle, non-invasive, energy that works on our Third eye chakra and boosts our clairvoyant abilities. This energy is especially intended for realizing our life goals, priorities, and tasks that should be completed in order to be successful. It gives us the ability to ponder deep inside our being, get messages from the Archangel Raziel, and see where we should invest our energy, time, emotions, and effort. So it is truly nice and useful for introspection. Practicing healing sessions with this energy is actually going to lead us to a deeper understanding of our life mission in general. We have more life missions and roles in life, but even these short-term tasks are going to lead us to that perfect destination. Because the journey is the most important in the end, and this is a great energy to make it beautiful while achieving and setting goals.

Red Vortex from Archangel Chamuel is a very potent, strong, and calming energy connected to the Root chakra. It is there to help us achieve goals, be strong, materialize our personal wishes and tasks on our jobs, and everything that should be done in general. It is even boosting our physical strength in order to cope and work in stressful environments and situations, so it is good for people who work in big companies, large corporations, or in stressful positions where they need to be concentrated, calm and efficient. Not only is this energy great for that, but for finding the best way to manifest perfect solutions for your goals and tasks. It is truly efficient energy to strengthen, ground, and inspire us. It helps us build a deep connection to the material world, abundance, and wealth on this beautiful planet. Working with this energy, you are going to ground more and have an inner feeling that it is truly good and fine to be wealthy and have abundance in the highest way possible.

Bright Moments from Archangel Uriel is truly unique, new energy that inspires us to think and react fast, yet efficiently. When we need quick solutions at a job or in some significant life situations, it boosts our creativity and productivity. So in all situations that might be stressful, it can help us relax and come up with the best ideas. Usually, by using this energy, we are going to experience plenty of “aha moments'', especially when we need to express our uniqueness, and put a personal stamp on business projects, plans, and life goals. That is how we will be the best contribution to ourselves and the whole world.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!