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ABUNDANCE REIKI™ PLATINUM - Precious Gift from Ascended Master Abundantia - TriEnhanced™️

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Here are the latest enhancements featured in the most significant update of ABUNDANCE REIKI PLATINUM:

• The energy of abundance is stronger than ever
• The story and role of the ascended master Abundantia
• The concept of abundance in Reiki
• The role of intention in Abundance Reiki
• Setting abundance intentions with a Reiki symbol
• Abundance Reiki techniques for self and others
• Visualization and affirmation exercises for abundance

Immerse yourself in a journey of healing, transformation, and prosperity with our newest offering - Abundance Reiki Platinum. Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Reiki and the ascended master Abundantia, this exclusive program invites you to harness the power of abundance and experience the opulence of life in its full spectrum.

In Abundance Reiki Platinum, we explore the intricate connection between Reiki, a time-honored Japanese healing modality, and the divine concept of abundance. More than just material prosperity, abundance encompasses joy, love, peace, creativity, and so much more - all of which are within your grasp.

The power of intention forms the backbone of our program. Discover how to set potent intentions, turning your desires into reality. Through curated meditations and visualization exercises, you’ll unearth deep-rooted blocks and activate your natural abundance magnet.

We also delve into the exciting realm of crystals, illustrating their importance in Reiki and how to incorporate them into your practice. By merging the vibrational healing power of crystals with Reiki energy, you'll unlock new dimensions of prosperity and wellbeing.

Abundance Reiki Platinum is not just a course; it's an immersive, transformational experience designed to guide you towards a life of boundless abundance. Empower yourself with the energy of prosperity and welcome the richness of the universe into your life.

Begin your journey towards true abundance with Abundance Reiki Platinum. We can't wait to welcome you to our abundant course and experience the wealth of life on a deeper level. Your abundant future awaits you!

Includes a 30-page manual and a beautiful certificate.

🔄 This is a TriEnhanced™️ attunement that is performed three times, with a two-day break in between each. Click here to read more.