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Spiritual Empowerment Package - 5 Potent Energies for Kundalini Enhancement, Improving Intuition & Boosting Personal Potential

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New times usher in fresh energies and unparalleled spiritual support!

It has always been crucial to strike a balance between the spiritual and physical realms, between yin and yang, and between wealth and health. The heartening revelation is that we don't have to choose between them. We can embrace all aspects in our lives, without exception!

The distinct, revitalizing energies of these times are here to reinforce our faith in God, guide our intuition, make us receptive to miracles, cultivate wealth, nurture our romantic bonds, and amplify our innate potential. Our optimism should know no bounds!

Let's nurture one another. Radiate love and positivity. Stay grounded and resilient. The world yearns for more of this!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Promotes miracles in life
• Promotes peace, happiness & joyfulness
• Strengthening Kundalini
• Chakra Balancing & Deep Transformation
• Boosts personal potential
• Improves Masculine & Feminine sides
• Third Eye Opening & Improving Intuition
• Compassion and empathy
• Promotes Deep insights about yourself
• Discovering yourself & your deepest potential
• Strengthens our connection to Mother Earth
• Helps dissolve blocks
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This package contains the following attunements:

Kundalini Reinforcement: This energy is deeply connected to the Earth and the Root chakra, originating directly from Mother Earth's core. Its purpose is to fortify our Kundalini. The Spirit highly recommends using it alongside Kundalini Reiki. For those not attuned to Kundalini Reiki, this energy aids in elevating our Kundalini and amplifying our innate potential. If already attuned to Kundalini Reiki, simply continue integrating these harmonious energies. By invigorating our Kundalini, we can experience heightened physical strength, reinforce our masculine essence, and pave our path to greater wealth and health.

Indigo Sense from Goddess Eir: Associated with the Third Eye chakra, this energy assists in its opening, fostering a harmonious energy flow and, most significantly, enhancing our intuition. Engaging with this energy instructs us on harnessing our best potentials, nurturing ourselves and others, heeding our soul's profound voice, diagnosing chakra blockages, and facilitating spiritual and physical healing. True understanding requires objectivity, achievable by maintaining equilibrium across all chakras, from the Crown to the Root. This energy offers a glimpse beyond ordinary perceptions, attuning us to the universe's divine wonders. Suitable for both novices and seasoned healers, it's imperative to remain humble and receptive to continual growth.

Rainbow Spiral from Archangel Metatron: Aptly named, this distinct energy resonates with our seven primary chakras, activating each. Harmonized chakras facilitate unobstructed energy flow, leading to heightened happiness, health, a dual connection with God and Mother Earth, and optimal bodily functions. Life becomes more enriched, characterized by spiritual and physical contentment. Regular meditation with this energy ensures impeccable energy circulation within our ethereal bodies. A pure, potent intention is pivotal. By actively engaging with our existence and assuming responsibility, we position ourselves to witness life's miracles.

Golden Butterfly from Goddess Venus: Representing love, beauty, delight, and prosperity, Venus, the ancient Goddess, bestows this energy to augment these attributes in our lives. Suitable for all genders, it catalyzes wonders by nurturing a profound love for life. Such love transforms us into radiant, dynamic beings, akin to butterflies—symbols of patience, dedication, ease, and receptivity to life's blessings. The golden hue signifies profound positive metamorphosis. Our mission is simple: relish happiness, health, and joy, place unwavering trust in God, and always believe in the miraculous.

Lady Nada's Cloud: Characterized by its subtle, gentle, pristine white essence, this energy is intertwined with the heart chakra, advocating for our deepest emotions and enhancing our feminine "yin side" to foster emotional and romantic wellness. Gentle kindness, coupled with the ethos of pure love, enriches every facet of our existence. It encourages us to dote on ourselves, those we cherish, and reaffirms our trust in the divine. While this energy evokes the Goddess's essence in every woman—historically perceived as embodiments of gentleness, loyalty, kindness, and guardians of children—it's equally beneficial for all genders, acting as a catalyst for heart chakra expansion. When our heart chakra flows unhindered, we become open to transformative experiences and a multitude of life's splendid opportunities.

Include manuals and a beautiful certificate!


"...Thank you for the beautiful attunements from Spiritual Empowerment Package.

Indigo sense from Goddess Eir is such a refreshing energy and very easy to use.

Rainbow Spiral from Archangel Metatron is an amazing energy and it works swiftly. I have started using it daily and it's amazing.

Kundalini Reinforcement boosts the kundalini flow and this wonderful energy is also beautiful to use daily.

Golden Butterfly from Goddess Venus boosts love and joy

Lady Nada’s cloud is gentle and pure energy. cleanses the heart chakra a lot.

Thanks a lot for these beautiful energies!..."