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The Source of Truth - 7 Gifts from Kuan Yin

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It has always been in human nature to seek the universal truth. If we look back through history, our ancestors developed their own belief systems, they had their religions, and they wanted to see “beyond”. The only thing that changed from those ancient times is the approach. But the true wish to see the world and reach God remained.

We can also apply that in our everyday lives. No matter what we do, where we live, our soul, body, and mind need peace, clarity, safety, and above all - truth! Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our mission here? Who is my partner truly? Does he/she tell the truth? Is his/her truth the same as mine? Are other people right when they do things I would not? All these questions and many more are coming to our minds frequently.

Can we have an answer? Of course, we can. But we need to be balanced, calm, and in a state of love and acceptance. It is crucial to love, understand and care for ourselves in order to be able to truly accept others and be gentle to them. True love lies in respecting other people's life paths, missions, wishes, and points of view. Where there is love, there is no judgment. Universal truth is love. That beautiful moment when we realize that God loves us unconditionally in all our diversity. It is so powerful to know that we are all loved with an immense amount of unconditional love, although there are no two same entities in this world.

This simple, but powerful course channeled from Kuan Yin is about true peace, balance, and empowerment of our innate abilities. It works on all our chakras, especially on seeing the big truth. This lovely Ascended Master gifted us with seven powerful ethereal stones, called Gifts from Kuan Yin. In this course, she presents us with simplicity, balance, and gentle love. It prepares us for understanding higher realms and living a harmonious life. Are we ready for that? Well, who would not like something like that! Let’s try these amazing gifts and make our lives better!


Channeled message from Kuan Yin:

Would you like to see the real truth? Would you like to see everything that is without beautifying, glorifying, or making it worse than it is? Acceptance is the key if you want to see the real truth.

In order to see the truth, you should be balanced, in peace, and you should be prepared to see things that you might not even like. But I am saying again, that acceptance is the key. Because on this planet nothing is perfect, only God is perfect. You should try to be the best you can, the best version of yourself, and see the best versions and potentials of other people. However, true love is shown by accepting even the flaws and things that are not going under so-called perfection.

By giving you these gifts you are going to release and balance each chakra in your energy system. When you are in balance and with both legs on the ground, and with your whole heart open to God and to the spiritual realm, you are able to be calm and connected at the same time. You should be ready for that because there is nothing bad in seeing the truth. Seeing the truth is going to make your life a lot easier. Also, it is going to change you a bit, for the better. You are going to forgive yourself for the things you did not do better in the past. Because it is the process of learning! You are not the same person as you were yesterday or three years ago. It is completely normal that you did things differently than you do today and that you will do tomorrow or in five years' time. Also for other people. It is the key to seeing the reflection of yourself in other people.

Also, when we talk about mirror work, we do not say that all of you are the same. The point is to recognize that all you carry inside of yourself, some other people carry inside of themselves too. You recognize each other because of that, and you attract because of that and you should forgive. What you see in others and you strongly dislike, there is a sign that it triggers something inside of yourself that you should heal.

So forgive, forgive, forgive, and be open to seeing everything, because a person who sees, does not need to rely always on clairvoyant abilities. That person is going to be listening to his / her own intuition. Because all of you have the answers within yourselves. You are all connected to God and all of you are granted to know and see the truth! The real truth. The only catch is how much you are open to that truth.

These gifts that I am presenting to you are, in the first place, to open up your heart, to love. To give yourself the possibility to love unconditionally. And others are also important: to be grounded, to have clairvoyant visions too, but the first thing is to love and accept. Carry that in mind.

The first gift is the Red Gift. It is an ethereal stone that is channeled through your Crown chakra down to your Root chakra. It opens you up for grounding, abundance, and accepting earthly life. That is really important because without grounding, without accepting roots, you cannot move too far. You should work on your strength. The strength lies in that great potential that Mother Earth carries and that you were given by birth, by being born on this planet.

The second gift is the Orange Gift, or orange ethereal stone for the Sacral chakra. It is going to boost your creativity, sexuality, and everything that makes you a real human being, with real creative and full potential necessities. That it is a part of earthly life, and you should accept it with joy. By being creative, you are being co-creator as God made you. So, you co-create through God.

The Yellow Gift is an ethereal stone for the Solar Plexus chakra. And it is going to balance your ego, to be in “perfect shape”. So as to say, to know who you truly are, to accept who you truly are, to accept your identity without putting yourself down or putting yourself above all others. Remember, the key is in balance.

The Green gift is a green ethereal stone for the Heart chakra. It is there to remind you to accept an immense, unique, and unconditional love from God and open up to love everything in this world, everything that God has created: people, flowers, oceans, animals, etc. You should always know that it is possible to love and accept everything created by God. To accept yourself. That is the first step.

The Blue Gift is an ethereal stone for the Throat chakra. It is going to boost your ability to express yourself. It is really important to express yourself, your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and everything that makes you unique. Also, it will balance you so you can say that in a very nice and gentle tone, without hurting anyone with your own truth. Because we are talking in this course about truth and seeing truth, so it means your own truth should be expressed like all other people should express their truths. The key is not to underestimate other people's visions, truths, potentials, and abilities to see.

The Indigo Gift is an ethereal indigo stone or the Third eye. It is going to balance your vision. What is so-called seen behind and what is so-called hidden. Nothing is hidden, it is only about limited perspective. Human beings are not always allowed to see everything around them, because the spiritual realm sometimes does not overlap with the so-called real realm. But there is a possibility to see beyond, to accept these things that are beyond and to deal with them. Seeing through is the best thing you can accept, all other people and accept yourself. The Third eye helps you to be intuitive, more creative, and it gives you the insight of how other people and how other realms exist and correspond to other realms. That opens you to see the unconditional truth, by also seeing other people's truths and accepting them with unconditional love.

The Purple Gift is a purple stone for your crown chakra. It is going to open you to channeling universal truths. You are going to be more open to the divine, and know that you are connected to everything, as other people are. By truly knowing that truth, you will know that you, me, and we, are all one with God. That is the big truth. That is to see the truth. Everything else is minor. The most important thing is to realize and awaken that understanding inside of yourself - that we all come from the same place, unique beings, yet the same in our connection to the divine. 

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