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7 Ascended Masters Attunement Package

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New upgraded energy and revised manuals with channeled messages by each Ascended Master!

7 Ascended Masters, connected to each of the 7 chakras!

Saint Germain: Use the energy of Saint Germain when you want to learn to have a clear connection to the divine! To learn to stay grounded AND connected to God at the same time. Also helps to connect to the inner source of knowledge, with protection, courage, direction, healing, and inspiration. The energy further helps to open up to higher wisdom, to gain access to higher realms, and release tension. Connected to the crown chakra.

Channeled message from Saint Germain: “How much do you love it when you connect to God? Deeply, truly and passionately. A clear connection and sparkles when you feel united with the One. And become oneness. That divine fountain of love, with you in the middle of it. Do you feel like the whole Universe is inside of you? You do, I believe. And that is how you should feel, always. Connected. Full of trust, full of truth, full of real meaning. And you should strive to connect to the Divine, always. To be aware of divine truth and nothing but the truth. That is your task. To connect and go, not outside of your body, but outside of your mind in a way. To stay grounded, but to be connected to God at the same time. It is very easy to do. Have a strong wish to connect to the Divine and to the inner source of knowledge that resides inside of you. That source is open to everyone. You just need to wish it and to 1 do the right thing. Do a prayer, and let the journey begin! It is all about the journey. Not just about reaching the destination, but about how you reach it. And when you find the truth, nothing else can deceive you! And that's the point. When you just know. From the inside, from your whole being. When you just know! ”

Goddess Eir: In Norse mythology, Eir (Old Norse “help, mercy”) is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill. Eir is offering a wonderful loving energy, that is able to heal even very stubborn blockages. Her energy (connected to the third eye chakra) also strengthens intuition and is good for protection.

Channeled message from Goddess Eir: “So many wonderful and beautiful people in this world! I wish you could see that yourself sometimes with my eyes! It is about how you see things, about your perception of the world. I see you clearly from above as you truly are, but you have to have the ability to see beyond also. To see beyond physical looks, prejudice, rumors, and all the labels such as nationality, religion, education, status, and profession. You should see beyond and you will see miraculous beings around you. You will see beautiful souls walking down the street. You will be amazed when you see the world like that. By opening your third eye, you can see an amazing world. Me, my energy, and my help from the above can assist you. I can help you to see the wonderful world, how it is made, how it is created, and how it is intended to be from the above. And it is divine, indeed!”

El Morya: Use the energy of El Morya when you need help to speak your own truth without fears, to be who you truly are, to strengthen communication, to “stand your ground” and to say what you really mean. Connected to the throat chakra.

Channeled Message from El Morya: Speak your own truth without fears! Stand your ground, be who you truly are! Connect to me when you want to say something that is difficult for you but that needs to be said. God gave you the power to speak, you have to speak your own truth, and your voice has to be heard. This world needs more people whose voices need to be heard. Not only motivational speakers are there to speak the truth, even though they are wonderful people making this world amazing. But anyone can speak the truth, and that is the power you have. The speech. The ability to transfer the truth you have experienced by your own senses. Share knowledge, share experience, and share your feelings and emotions. Share your day. You never know how you can make someone’s day and make a big difference in someone’s life. You can change someone’s life in a minute without realizing it. Do not be afraid to speak, connect to me and I will help you. I am always there to help you.”

Hilarion: Use the energy of Hilarion when you need to learn to love yourself, self-appreciation and learn to love through divine perspective. Also to learn and experience that divine love connects us all! The energy helps to center and balance your energy. Connected to the heart chakra.

Channeled message from Master Hilarion: “What is love? what is that big thing all people, poets, and writers through history were writing about? They were writing stories, novels, and poems about it. Many artists were drawing pictures and paintings about it. All people talk about love! "I wanna fall in love", "I want to meet my soul mate / twinflame," "I want to love this, I want to love that." But to begin, the love that springs inside of yourself comes first. Love for God and love for yourself. That is where everything begins. Not where everything ends because love spreads! Love spreads like a big river. You can't hide it. Love cannot be hidden. Love always finds its way to go through people's hearts. And love is the truth, love is the meaning and love is the beginning! Love connects us all and we should all go to that feeling that is divine love. To love from a divine perspective as much as we can. That is our mission on Earth, to learn about divine love! Not just "I want to be loved" or something like that. No, first you have to love. That is your task. To 1 learn that you are already full of love. Because everyone came with the ability to love. But we forget that sometimes. And when we reconnect again, we are aware that that sparkle of love was already in us! Spread it! Make this world a better place.”

Kuthumi: Use the energy of Master Kuthumi to learn about who you truly are and what your "inner being" wants you to express to the outer world! Also helps you to find the right path in life and dedication to your life purpose. The energy is further calming, good for focus, relaxation, and as “anti-stress” energy. Connected to the solar plexus.

Channeled message from Master Kuthumi: “Do you know who you truly are? From the inside, from the deepest passions and emotions, do you know who you truly are? What does your being want you to be and wants you to express to the outer world? You have to embrace that feeling in your stomach that tells you: „I want this, I feel this, this is my right path, this is my way.“ And you all have that feeling. You know what I am talking about. You should follow that feeling. It is your compass in life. And there is nothing bad to strive to be who you truly are. This world needs more people who can stand their ground and say: „I am“. Because you really are! You are who you are, very unique, there are no two same people on this Earth. So that is why you should be proud of yourself. Cherish yourself. Be aware of who you truly are and bring that to the world. The world loves you, God loves you, angels love you. You should love yourself too!”

Lanto: Use the energy of Lanto when you need help to be more creative, boost libido, need help to live life to the fullest, and to find "your sparkle"! The energy is further to be used as anti-procrastination energy. Connected to the Hara chakra.

Channeled message from Lanto: “I want to tell you to live life to the fullest. To be full of colors, melodies, life, sparkle, and vividness. I want you to be alive and to appreciate this life! I want you to be aware of how life can be beautiful and abundant it can be. I can help you in creative processes, with help to achieve your inner sparkle and find your own path in life also. I can help you be more creative, more vivid, and more fluent in life. That is my task, I love doing that. When people call me, I am always there to show how precious this life can be! Full of colors and melodies. It is not only about art, but it is also about how you live your life. It is about the way how you do things. For example, there are two people, doing the same thing, but one does it with a sparkle, and that’s what matters. That’s what makes a difference. They reached the same goal, but they didn’t have the same feelings. I want you to feel this life, to have an abundance of feelings while living and creating things, through God.”

Buddha: Use Master Buddha when you want to achieve inner peace, present moment awareness, to be present in the "Now", joy, spiritual growth, grounding, and understanding. Connected to the root chakra. The energy helps to strengthen and stabilize the physical body.

Channeled message from Buddha: “I am here to talk about inner peace and how to achieve it. It’s not as complicated as you think. It’s not a task that should be performed with difficulty. Inner peace comes from within, you know that. The more grounded you are, the more you are in the present moment and the more peace you will have. Speaking about the past, future, present, everything is now. And in that “now” you find all the answers. You know about the middle way. That is the way. You know a lot about me, you can easily find that information. And following that path, you will achieve great blessings that you are not even aware of how possible that can be upon you. That blessing is peace. It’s given by God and it’s God itself. All religions speak about peace, it’s not in vain. When you are not in peace, how can you live life? How can you do anything? Your actions are not grounded, your path is not grounded. You should be aware of that. And always, no matter what happens, stay in peace and from peace make your decisions, live this life, love, pray, everything from peace. And that’s the connection to God. When you are not in peace, you disconnect from the Divine, but you can come back easily. Stay in peace, and peace will stay in you.”

Includes manuals, instructions on how to create Ascended Masters & Archangel Elixirs, and a beautiful certificate of completion!