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15 Gemstone Essences Mega Package

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15 powerful gemstone attunements that can help promote prosperity, and happiness, to boost your personal strength and mental abilities!
This life-enhancing package is a synergy of potent, natural energies, proven to boost prosperity, happiness, and personal strength. Radiate with the confidence and optimism bestowed by each gemstone, empowering your mental abilities while promoting tranquility and restful sleep. Channel your potential, dissolve obstacles, and connect with the spirit world.
Easy to use and suitable for all, this is more than just a product—it's a journey to self-discovery, a protective shield, a key to abundance, and a conduit for chakra balancing. So, begin your magical, transformative journey with us today!

 The combined benefits from the gemstone energies:

• Infuse into water to create powerful "healing elixirs"
• Works on all 7 chakras
• Optimism & Self-confidence
• Help communicate with the spirit world
• Help open you to the ability to channel
• Discovering yourself & your deepest potential
• Helps dissolve blocks
• Excellent in combination with Reiki and other energy modalities
• Protection
• Abundance
• Chakra Balancing
• Use as a "stand-alone healing system"
• No pre-requisites
• Extremely easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers
This mega package contains the following attunements:
Amethyst Essence: Clear visions – gives birth to new ideas. Associated with the Crown chakra. Transforming/transmutes negative energy. Has a calming effect on the mind. Promotes a sense of peace, calmness, serenity, and well-being. Releases tension. Speed recovery.

Azurite Essence: Associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

Carnelian Essence
: Associated with the Hara Chakra.

Citrine Essence: Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Emerald Essence: The main property of the Emerald Essence is physical and emotional healing. It has a great balancing effect and is especially suited for healing all issues related to the heart chakra and the eyes.

Lepidolite Essence: Lepidolite contains Lithium, which traditionally is used to treat bipolar disorder and depression. With its calming and soothing energy, Lepidolite is excellent for stress relief, and mood disorders, when feeling anxious or depressed.

Moonstone Essence: Self-love, releases anger, helps to relax, unlock personal potential, and connect to the divine feminine power, fertility, wisdom, and love stone. When working together with Sunstone, it creates harmony, connecting to the energy of the Moon and the Sun.

Morganite Essence: Morganite, also known as “pink beryl”, “rose beryl”, “pink emerald”, and “cesian (or caesian) beryl”.  Stone of Divine Love!

Red Jasper Essence: Energy can be used for the root chakra and all issues related to it.

Rhodonite Essence: A key essence for the Rhodonite energy is “It is safe to love.” Promotes self-love and love for others. Helps us to see that it does not matter what other people think of us. Learn that giving is receiving. Learn to love without the fear of getting hurt. A good “relationship stone”. Helps us overcome the fear of rejection. Recognize love in others. Self-worth.

Rose Quartz Essence: Also called “the love stone”. Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart chakra and with love in all its aspects: Self-love, motherly love, love for others, etc. Care. Protective.

Sodalite Essence: Sodalite encourages you to stand your ground. Associated with the throat chakra. A perfect stone for communication, singing and speaking your truth.

Strawberry Quartz: The energy of Strawberry Quartz works gently. It does not “target” any specific chakra but rather wraps a “love blanket” around you. It soothes and brings comfort with its compassing love. Great against grief and sorrow.

Sunstone Essence: Vitality, creativity, progress in life, personal power, joy, connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras to boost confidence, abundance, and prosperity stone. When working together with Moonstone, it creates harmony, connecting to the energy of the Sun and the Moon.

Unakite Essence: The Unakite energy helps us to accept physical life and its lessons. Encourage us to go on. Help us to learn to live life to the fullest. Promotes stability in life. Grounding.

Including manuals and a beautiful certificate!


Q: What's the difference between these singular Gemstone attunements and the Ethereal Crystals attunements?

A: The singular attunements are stronger.

Q: Can I use singular attunements like Ethereal Crystals?

A: Yes you can.