Unlock Your Inner Sun: Discover the Power of PERSONAL POWER REIKI™

Posted by Ole Gabrielsen on

The PERSONAL POWER REIKI™ PLATINUM system offers a transformative journey towards self-empowerment and inner strength, guided by the energies of Solar Angels. It is designed to help individuals awaken their inner sun, specifically focusing on the solar plexus chakra, which is considered a vital source of personal power and clarity. The course emphasizes the role of Solar Angels in personal growth, offering a celestial partnership for empowerment and inner balance.

Key features of this system include:

1. A Strong Energetic Foundation: The PERSONAL POWER REIKI™ PLATINUM course provides what is described as the strongest energy upgrade in its series. This enhancement is intended to significantly boost the participant's personal power.

2. Understanding and Activating the Solar Plexus: The course delves into the radiant world of the solar plexus chakra, teaching participants how to harness this energy center for enhanced self-confidence and vitality.

3. Interactions with Solar Angels: Participants are introduced to Solar Angels, spiritual beings that are said to offer guidance and empowerment. This interaction aims to align participants with universal rhythms, enhancing personal growth and decision-making.

4. Comprehensive Healing Practices: The course includes practices for clearing the solar plexus, forgiveness exercises, and techniques for developing self-confidence. These are designed to nurture inner balance and peace.

5. Unique Energy Modalities: The system encompasses three specific energies: Solar Angels' Reiki, Golden Yellow Activation, and Golden Yellow Booster from Solar Angels. These energies are aimed at bringing positivity, comfort, personal strength, and a grounded sense of self.

6. Educational Material and Certification: The program includes a comprehensive 77-page manual, offering detailed insights and instructions, along with a certificate upon completion. This allows participants not only to experience the system for themselves but also to teach it to others if they choose.

7. TriEnhanced™ Attunement: The attunement process in this system is performed three times with a two-day break in between each, to deepen and solidify the energetic connections and learning.

This PERSONAL POWER REIKI™ PLATINUM course, with its holistic approach towards personal empowerment, clarity, and the nurturing of inner strength, presents a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the universe.

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