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Star Electra

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Channeled message from Star Electra: "I am there to bear a message about parents. About the people, and souls you chose to incarnate together with.

You didn't come with this body just by coming from the sky. This body came from someone. The bodies you have. The temples you have. And you should respect the souls who were in the so-called conjunctions with you, to bring you to this world. Of course with the help of God.

So respecting those souls is a matter of respecting yourself. Respecting who you are. If you don't respect your temple, where does your soul live? That is my question. And if you don't respect your temple, you don't respect the people who gave you this temple, through God. Not alone. God was always there. But I am saying when you become a parent, would you like to be respected? Of course, you would. Because you know what sacrifice and what joy at the same time children bring.

This powerful message is both for children and parents. They should stick together. In the spirit at least. You should forgive your parents and forgive your children. You should forgive yourself. Because at the same time, you are someone's child and someone's parent.

Also, I want to talk about your cosmic parents.

You have cosmic parents here too. They are archetypes of mother and father. Of masculine and feminine energy. And these archetypes lies within you! And by nourishing both of them, you become whole. And then you can be with "both legs on the ground". 

As well as respecting mother and farther from Earth, you should also embrace the masculine and feminine principles inside of yourself! Then your temple is not suffering and your soul can flourish!"

Channeled and founded by Marijana Gabrielsen.

Includes manual and a beautiful certificate!

 I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 Copenhagen time on working days, but you do NOT need to be "present" (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not "prepared in advance," but performed in "real-time." I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.