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Sacred Rejuvenation Ritual from Goddess Lilith

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Sacred Rejuvenation Ritual from Goddess Lilith consists of four energies that are going to rejuvenate our reproductive organs, and enhance our Sacral chakra in order to be more creative, and more in touch with our personality and sexuality.

When we balance that, our personal energy is boosted, and our inner fire is sparkly! We are going to be grounded and able to formulate our personal wishes, be self-confident and express what we really want from this world, ourselves, and our partner.

Do this ritual at least once in seven days, when you have time to dedicate to yourself. Make a spa center out of your home for some time. Dedicate yourself to yourself. Dedicate your time to your personal care, rejuvenation, and your potential! Do not be afraid to be seductive, to be fully aware of your wishes, and what you truly are. It is both for men and women.

This system contains the following energies:

Pink Rose Water from Goddess Lilith. This energy is there to infuse the water for bubble baths or infuse a gemstone and place it on water faucets. It is going to rejuvenate our reproductive organs, relax our body, and muscles, relieve stress and inspire us to be completely in touch with our body and our consciousness. We relax with this, come in touch with our inner selves, and regain energy and potential.

When we are relaxed, we rejuvenate and recharge more easily and that is really important for reproductive health.

When we pour water into a bathtub, it is also nice to put a nice bubble bath soap with a rose aroma into the water.

Sacred Sexuality from Goddess Lillith is a wonderful and potent energy that is there to enhance our Sacral chakra. When that chakra is balanced, the energy is boosted to our reproductive organs. That purifies us and makes us ready and open for physical love. That love means that we cherish our body, treat it with respect and cherish the sexuality we share with our partner. In that way, we are more relaxed, more self-confident, and self-aware and we live using our full potential.

Also, this energy is great for creativity in life, because when we boost our creative potential, we feel more alive and present in the moment.

Goddess Lilith’s Self-awareness is the energy that is really potent and very unique!

We use it to infuse our perfume, body oil, body lotion, or aromatic spray water for our body. We should apply it after an energized bubble bath. We apply perfumes and energized water on pulse points. It blends with our personal body scent. It is going to make us feel fresh and unique. Our fragrance is what we are recognized for. We are going to emit our personal and unique potential and great personality!

Meditative Yin and Yang from Goddess Lilith. It is the energy that balances our two hemispheres, our feminine and masculine energy in our body and it brings balance to mind and soul!

The energy works very fast, it takes only one minute per session!

We activate this energy and let it ground us, so we embrace our bodies. In that way, we are becoming self-confident, we see ourselves as beautiful as we truly are, and by grounding, we feel good in our bodies.

Including a manual and a beautiful certificate!