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Kundalini Activation Session

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To have an awakened Kundalini means that your body is able to absorb and transform the energy that earth emits.

You could say that you are a rechargeable battery and the earth is a battery charger. If the battery does not function properly, the charger will not be able to charge up the battery to its full capacity.

A stronger energy flow in the body will also help itself to clear stagnated energy and blocks.

The process: I clairvoyantly tune into your energy field and manually remove anything that can hinder a full Kundalini awakening. I will check/cleanse your chakras, your main energy channel and your energetic connection to Earth. I will then activate/awake your Kundalini.

I perform these sessions between 8:30 and 13.00 Copenhagen time on working days, but you do NOT need to be "present" (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not "prepared in advance", but performed in "real time". I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.


Kundalini Faq

Q: What can I expect from the Kundalini Activation?

 A: A free continuous flow, running from Earth, up through the Chakras and out of your Crown Chakra!


Q: Will the Kundalini Activation help me to better shield myself from EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields)?

A: Yes it will. As a result of the Kundalini Activation, your body's natural defence mechanism will become stronger.

Q: I felt the Kundalini energy very much when it was activated and the days after. Then the feeling decreased. Is this normal?

A: Usually the Kundalini flow (or any attunement) is felt much during or right after its activation...and then it appears to fade....and suddenly you might not notice it anymore...and then you might doubt if the Kundalini is still active. This is normal.

Imagine that you slip into a bath tub with very hot water. In the beginning it feels very hot. But as you have been in the water for some time, you begin to get used to the water temperature. And suddenly, when the water has reached the exact same temperature as your body, you do not feel the water at all! Only of course if you move, then you will feel it's friction - but the water itself is not felt, because it has the same temperature as your body.

It's the same with the awakened Kundalini. Once it's integrated and you have become the enhanced energy, you will not feel it as something different from you - you are just it. It's a natural part of you.

Q: I am trying to open my Third Eye for clairvoyance. Any suggestions on how to do this?

A: I never recommend actively trying to open the Third Eye specifically for clairvoyance. A rule of thumb: If your third eye is not already open to see the spirit world, then it's not yet meant for you to have it open.

Imagine that you theoretically somehow succeed in opening your third eye via some technique. If you are not ready to handle the negative side of this earth experience, you could end up very scared and maybe traumatized.

There's nothing wrong about meditating and cleansing your chakras. In fact, I recommend that. But I suggest that you “stay blissfully ignorant” until it's time for you. And if meant to be and when you are ready, your spiritual guides will help you to open your third eye in the most perfect way for you.

There's another bigger reason for why most people are born “blindfolded”, with the third eye closed off:

To learn to trust!

It's a bit like that trust-game where you are actually blindfolded and a friend is holding your arm and guiding you around. Here on Earth, that friend is actually God, the Angels, and your spiritual helpers. What a perfect place to learn to trust!

If you agreed with your spiritual helpers, before you came here, to help you learn trusting God, do you think they will allow you to have your third eye opened before time? You would be pretty pissed on them, once you left this Earth plane:

“You fools, why did you allow me to open my third eye before time?? That was not in our agreement!! Now I have to go back..... AGAIN!!”

So don't be irritated or annoyed because your third eye is not yet open. Consider it as a blessing that is protecting you and at the same time helping you to learn to trust.


"...Thank you Ole for the Kundalini activation. It's really a beautiful work that I recommend..."


"...💜💜💜💜💜 Blessings beyond blessings. For over a year and a half, I have been struggling with issues with this. I feel myself again. Blessings brother..."


"...I feel so light and happy! Thank you very much!..."

"...The Kundalini activation is doing wonderful and powerful things in my energy system. At first starting very subtle, by now more present. Typically it works at he back of my energy field. Going up from my heels to my crown. Inside my head it works top central or top back. Some weird dreams and more 6th chakra activity (inner eye) are the result. Overall I am feeling better and more secure in life..."


"...the activation continues to be powerful. Almost every day I feel strong rapid vibrations in my body especially when waking up in the morning my entire body is 'fizzing' rapidly. The Kundalini is strong indeed. Also feel it alot in the soles of both feet..."


"...thanks a lot! Wonderful experience. I can "feel my feet" after the activation..."