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Golden Ruby Ring from Archangel Gabriel - Spiritual Gift - Premium Item

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This is a one-of-a-kind item! It's an intelligent spiritual energy. You can direct it to stay in a place, room or an object (as a "housing"), example a ring or a crystal where it will emit it's specific energy to the surroundings!

Channeled message from Archangel Gabriel: 

"It works on the personal potential. It boosts inner strength, it reaches for the deepest personal potential for self-development. It has both properties of gold and the ruby gemstone.  It's refurbishing your inner potential, like peeling off the layers that are diminishing your inner light. If you want to work on something, use that ring. It will "polish you" to be who you truly are. It's for manifestation and for reaching your goals."

Comes with an instruction manual, "stamped" with a unique serial number.

This spiritual gift is delivered in a password protected zip file. Please make sure that you know how to extract a zip file before ordering this item.

This is a made to order item. Please allow 1-7 workdays for the creation of this gift.


Q: Is this an attunement?

A: No, it is a personally created permanent energy tool, that can be directed anywhere, example to a specific location or an item.

Q: Can I "infuse" the energy into several crystals or items?

A: No. The energy is not to be "infused" but directed. The energy is intelligent! You can choose to have a specific object, like a crystal, as a "housing" for the spiritual gift. It can only be at one place at a time, but you can change it's location whenever you like.

Q: Do you have a password protected zip file so I can test if I can unzip it?
A: Sure! Please click here to download a test file. When you are prompted for the password, please enter this code: KCT3GRBVCQ4B472Z
Q: I am not a tech genius and I cannot grasp how to unzip a password protected zip file.

A: No problem, if you have problems with the unzipping procedure, just email me within 7 days and I will send you the unzipped PDF. The password protected zip file acts more like a token for the energy. The owner of this token is the owner of the energy. So if you later decide to gift the energy to someone else, pass on the zip file token together with the password. This will energetically transfer the ownership of the gift.

Please make sure to back up your zip file, as I delete the files from my PC after 7 days! If you loose your file, it cannot be recovered.