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Archangel Michael’s Vortex™ - Connection to God & Protection

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Archangel Michael’s vortex is a strong, white, cooling energy that works in a vortex form. It is connected to the crown chakra.

The purpose of this energy is to clear the path to the divine, to God. The connection to God creates a positive atmosphere for love, acceptance of yourself and for protection. It also cleanses our aura, energy field, and ethereal body from negativity and everything that is unbeneficial for us.

Archangel Michael’s vortex can help us connect to God in order to accept love and deeply understand ourselves, our meaning, path, and journey. If we feel God deep inside of our hearts, it is easier to love and be loved.

To use, activate the energy and sit for 15 minutes in a meditative position, and let the energy flow through your crown chakra. You can visualize that you are being cleansed and that your heart is deeply filled up with God’s love.