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8 Norse Gods & Goddesses (v 3.0)

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This package contains 8 powerful Norse Gods' Attunements!

In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, each deity embodies certain qualities that are invoked by those seeking their guidance, protection, or blessing. These gods and goddesses provide comfort, inspiration, and strength to those who call upon them, as they have done for centuries.

Channeled message from Odin: "We are here to guide you, to show you your life’s path and mission. With us, you will gain strength, personal power, and knowledge and be shown the wisdom that you carry inside of you.

Sons and daughters, be wise! Choose wisely and take every step wisely. You ALL matter to us! We still live through you, and it will always be like that.

In these times strength and courage are the most important features that you should cherish as a human being. We are talking about how to be a gentle and humble person and yet so strong and honest. To be a man or woman of your word!"

• The Gods •

Odin is invoked for wisdom, magic & communication.

Odin, the Allfather, is the wise and enigmatic ruler of the Norse pantheon. He is sought for wisdom, magic, and communication, as Odin is known for his insatiable quest for knowledge. By invoking Odin, individuals hope to gain insight and understanding, enriching their lives with the depth of his ancient wisdom.

Thor is invoked for protection, strength.

Thor, the mighty god of thunder, is revered for his immense strength and unwavering protection. He is the embodiment of bravery and steadfastness, always ready to defend the realms against chaos and destruction. When invoking Thor, people seek the courage and fortitude to face challenges and overcome obstacles, drawing on his indomitable spirit.

Tyr is invoked for Discipline, structure, order & justice.

Tyr, the courageous one-handed warrior, is the epitome of discipline, structure, order, and justice. As the god of law and heroic glory, Tyr teaches the importance of upholding principles and maintaining balance. Invoking Tyr is a call for fairness, integrity, and the strength to make difficult choices in the pursuit of justice.

Freyr is invoked for male fertility, prosperity, peace & wealth.

Freyr, the generous and peace-loving deity, governs male fertility, prosperity, peace, and wealth. As a symbol of abundance and harmony, Freyr is invoked to bless households with material and emotional riches, ensuring a life filled with contentment and well-being.

Freya is invoked for female fertility, love, & beauty.

Freya, the enchanting goddess of love and beauty, represents female fertility and the power of attraction. She is called upon to kindle passion and romance, fostering deep connections and inspiring self-love. Her presence reminds us of the importance of embracing our inner beauty and celebrating love in all its forms.

Frigga is invoked for home, nurturing, family, & childbirth.

Frigga, the nurturing and compassionate wife of Odin, presides over home, family, and childbirth. She is the embodiment of motherly love and warmth, providing guidance and solace to those in need. Invoking Frigga strengthens bonds between family members and creates an atmosphere of comfort, security, and belonging.

Eir is invoked for health, and healing.

Eir, the gentle and skilled healer, is revered for her mastery over health and healing. As a compassionate and knowledgeable goddess, she is invoked by those seeking physical or emotional healing, as well as those who wish to provide care and comfort to others in need.

Idun is invoked for longevity & health.

Idun, the radiant and youthful goddess of spring, is the guardian of longevity and health. She is responsible for the golden apples of immortality that keep the gods eternally young. When invoking Idun, we call upon her rejuvenating powers to promote vitality, wellness, and the resilience needed to thrive in our lives.

Each of these divine beings offers unique qualities that can help us navigate the challenges and joys of life. By invoking these gods and goddesses, we celebrate the timeless wisdom of Norse mythology and seek to bring these cherished virtues into our own lives.

The course includes powerful and life-changing channeled messages from each of the Norse Gods and Goddesses!

The course includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!