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Goddess Lilith's Attunement Package

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Dive deep and tell me your deepest desires!

Are we truly aware of what we are driven to in our everyday life? Do we know what we really want and where we invest our energy? Are we happy and satisfied with our emotional, personal, and sexual life?

No matter what the answer is, there is always space for growth, improvement, and ascension. By becoming aware of our hidden desires, emotions, and wishes, we are on a beautiful path to making our dreams come true!

We are going to be inspired, show love and be loved, express our talents, and feel great in our shoes. Is there any obstacle to that? Only if we set them.

So, free and be free. Life is always there to show us how and gives us divine courage!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Optimism & Self-confidence
• Partnership Love & Passion
• Kundalini Activation
• Physical health
• Express our deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires
• Discovering yourself & Boosts personal potential
• Helps dissolve blocks
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This package contains the following attunements:

Goddess Lilith: Lilith represents our rebellious side. She is unconventional, unfiltered, and instinctual! According to folklore, she is said to be Adam's first wife in Eden. She refused to submit to Adam's authority, and she flew away from paradise. Working with Lilith’s energy we are going to realize our deepest desires and get to know in what aspect of our lives we are not willing to compromise. She is creative and helps us liberate our biggest potential. Also, we are going to be more inspired to be active and straightforward when it comes to achieving life goals. Lilith symbolizes female passion, and she enhances sexual life. She represents our hidden and unconscious emotions. When we realize those emotions and become aware of them, we are on the right path to get perfect delight. Lilith is free-spirited, passionate, strong, and irresistible. She refuses to be restricted in any way. She is not traditional, but rather unconventional. Working with her we are going to deepen our subconsciousness, becomes aware of our desires, and embrace our love and sexual life!

Flower of Inner Power: Flower of inner power is an energy that unlocks the Root chakra and prepares us for revealing the inner potential that we all have inside of ourselves. It is a very strong energy that unlocks our sexual potential! Not only do we inherit blockages from our parents, but we also tend to develop them during a lifetime. This energy is great for removing any energy obstacles. Our parents are the principles, and prototypes of female and male energy in our lives. Depending on both the spiritual and physical relationship we had with them, it shapes our relationships with our partners up to a certain level. So by using this energy, we are going to unlock and release our potential and remove blockages that we carry inside of ourselves. Not only is the first chakra responsible for sexual life, but for money, wealth, energy, and strength as well. It gives us solid roots in this material world!

Self-Care Potential: Self-Care Potential is the energy that is going to inspire us to take care of our physical health. Although it is necessary to take care of our mental health and spirituality, we should not neglect our physical health. The real balance is achieved when we both boost our inner and outer worlds. It includes physical health, appearance, and how we represent ourselves to the world. When we use this energy, we boost the maximum of our physical potential. We should not be surprised if we get inspired to exercise, buy new clothes, put on makeup, or go to a doctor more often!

Love Sparkles: Love Sparkles is the energy that boosts our passion for life, sexuality, partnership, hobbies, or career! Working on our inner potential, we become more passionate individuals. Using this energy, we become more cheerful, our personal potential is boosted, and our heartbeat is stronger! Also, when we release blockages from our first chakra, our sexual life is going to be a lot better since we are going to be inspired to work on our personal pleasure. We become passionate about our life in general! When we are like that, we share our passion with our beloved partners and enjoy life! Furthermore, this energy helps us release taboos about sex, sexual life, and pleasure.

Male/Female Balance: Male/Female Balance is the energy that is going to balance polarities inside of ourselves. We are going to have balanced yin and yang energy and understand better the concept of perfect unity. The male principle represents the archetype of Mars which is action, sexuality, and strength. The female principle represents the archetype of Venus which is feeling, intuition, and romantic love. This energy helps us balance these principles, staying female or male, of course. When we are balanced, we attract the person who is balanced. Also, we can have both emotional and sexual life equally developed. We are also going to feel more prone to express our deepest feelings and desires!

Fire of Creation: Fire of Creation is the energy that is going to help us raise our Kundalini fire! Why is it important to have awakened the Kundalini fire? In order to be more creative, stronger, and in alignment with our personal potential. We are all born with amazing and unique potentials and inner talents. By working on them actively, we are going to feel motivated to express them. If we do not materialize our talents, they are just going to stay in the domain of our unfulfilled wishes. But if we give our best to listen to the song of our hearts and work on their realization, we are going to enjoy this life! However, we do need to do only one thing in our lives. We are multi-talented beings! In that way, the sparkle that lies within all of us is going to be active!

Each attunement includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!


"...Thank you so much for sending the beautiful certificates and the attunements from the Goddess Lilith's Package.

The energies are amazing 🙏

The energy of Goddess Lilith is amazing. It gives a certain freedom and courage to move on your chosen path. very supportive energy.

Flower of inner power works beautifully on the root chakra. I felt it brought some changes to the solar plexus too. I am sure I will discover more as I start working more with this energy.

Self-Care Potential is the energy, which is very inspiring. It is very much needed in today's times. Self-care is very important and one often forgets about it easily.

Love Sparkles is a happy energy..feels so energetic and inspiring☺

Male/Female Balance is very balancing and unifying.🙏

Fire of Creation is another amazing energy. I felt the kundalini flow much stronger after meditating with this energy. It boosts the creative potential 🙏

Many thanks for these lovely energies🙏..."


"...Thank you so much a gazillion blessings. I love Lilith..."