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Azurite Reiki

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Isn’t it such an amazing feeling when you are relaxed, without worries, knowing which path to choose at a certain moment? We all tend to have meaningful lives without unnecessary problems. However, we are occasionally exposed to the stress that everyday life brings. It is completely normal. But we are lucky that we can help ourselves and others by using amazing energy tools.

Azurite Reiki is light and powerful at the same time. It brings us the feeling of enlightenment and deep healing. Since it promotes brightness, it is really easy to use. It is beautiful for Reiki practitioners and teachers, crystal lovers, and therapists. We can all have immense benefits from this system!

The combined benefits of Azurite Reiki:

• Activates the Third eye
• Great for spiritual cleansing & protection
• Help trust in our intuition and inner feeling
• Gives clear thoughts
• Promotes our healing talents
• Transforms fears into happiness
• Boosts spiritual growth
• Can be used/combined together with any Reiki modality
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This system is a blend of Azurite Essence in its ethereal form, and Reiki as the Universal life energy.

Azurite is a rare and unique crystal. It brings insights, opens the Third Eye chakra, brings peace, relieves pain, gives clear thoughts, and boosts intuition. In combination with subtle and gentle Reiki, it is going to give you a perfect blend, that is going to gently balance your Third Eye, heal trauma, and promote your healing talents. This unique blend of energies activates your spiritual growth and enlightenment. It helps you have a clear perspective of life and situations in life. You are going to feel relief and release sadness. It has transformative features, like Gold Reiki, and it transforms fears into happiness and deep understanding and insights.

Channeled message from Saturn: “I will say a few words about crystals in this world. As you might know from astrology, mythology, religious books, and from the history of my nature, many would say I am a ruler of time. And the ruler of stones. Of something that is solid, permanent, earthly, and that brings stability. I definitely represent these features that crystals and the concept of time have. I represent something that is stable and permanent.

My task is to teach you how to be a dedicated, stable, reliable, and hardworking person. When you see the benefits of being a person like that, you can go through hard times and stay strong. I teach you all these virtues. No matter what your personal abilities are, and what you came with in this life, all people should develop patience in their life. When you develop that, you are able to create a solid present moment, which is going to last in the past, present, and future. As you might know, time is relative. All scientists said that and they were definitely right. Knowing that, you get peace in your soul when you know that everything is as it should be on the timeline of your life.

Why are we talking about crystals? Because they are solid. They are a part of the spiritual realm on the planet Earth. They last through time, they are precious, valuable and their consciousness radiates beauty, strength, and self-confidence - everything that you should learn from crystals. They teach you how to be proud of your beauty, how to be reliable, and how to be supportive of yourself, and others. You also learn from them how to emit the right energy, how to be present at the right moment, in the right place, and how to bring something unique to the world.

As you might know, crystals choose their owners, not just the other way around. There is a special bond between those precious stones and you. That connection is unique and precious. When you intentionally connect to your crystal, you create an interaction with it. You create an intuitive bond.

That's why I started this series of Crystal Reiki modalities with this intuitive stone such as Azurite. By opening your third eye, you're going to be able to see other realities, beyond those that you see with two physical eyes. Also what you should know is that you should stay stable while doing healing sessions or intuitive readings. Only a stable person, who stands with both legs on the ground, can know what the truth is. Is this reality, or something that you just imagine, created by your own programs, thoughts, and wish list? You should stay grounded and open up to higher realms. Being balanced from the upper chakras to the lower chakras is truly important.”

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!