Awareness Blessing - (Deeksha, Darshan, Blessing of Oneness)

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Awareness Blessing is a transfer of awareness energies to the mind/body organism. This can lead to deep peace, love, quieting the mind and for some instant awakening.

Awareness Blessings will last for 20-40 minutes and they are received like attunements. They are prepared in advance and I will send you instructions on how to receive it.

You will further learn how to perform the Awareness Blessing on others.

Includes a beautiful PDF certificate - view sample certificate

This blessing can be repeated with a minimum of 1 week apart.


 "...I had a wonderful experience with Awareness Blessing. This is a very special attunement. Yes, I got a sensation of awakening. After I took the attunement, I was walking on the street and everthing was so alive. Sounds, lights, the voices, many people at different locations around me speaking. I could feel all my body as one. I could feel my feet moving, the ground, my hands, my tensions loosened. I could feel my internal organs, my heart beating, a kind of interconnectedness and a deep inner peace.

I took your customized systems: Kundalini Session, 7 Chakra Session, Personal Attunement, Energy Clearing and now Awareness Blessing. I would suggest everyone who wishes a "fast track to awakening" take all of them (with an interval between them) and possibly take them again later on for getting cumulative benefits. Their results cannot be compared with conventional Reiki systems. We are paying affordable prices for very powerful sessions. Thank you very much for your excellent services again..."


"I passed the Awareness Blessing to a friend. She's been suffering from deep depression since a car accident. Last week, she got worse and began to take more medicines, she said she was "close to dying". Last Tuesday, I offered her the Blessing over the internet. She accepted it. She was a bit resistant to Reiki and other alternative treatmens, because she said she was "disappointed with everything". Right after the blessing she said she "saw me" like in a clairvoyant state. She immediately felt very tired and went to bed.

After she woke up. she said she felt very different, she felt very peaceful, She danced with her children. Today, Thursday, she told me that the effect continued. She's feeling good, and especially her pain in the chest which got worse last week just vanished. I plan to give her the blessing a couple more times in the next weeks. I informed her about the directions to the attunenement. This blessing seems to be very different from other Reiki forms. The results appear to be immediate and life-changing, without major side-effects.