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Ruby Reiki™

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Some of the benefits of Ruby Reiki:

• Boosts creativity
• Helps manifest our goals
• Enhances energy sensitivity
• Combats procrastination
• Helps to discover our true nature
• Grounding
• Strengthens the lower chakras
• Stand-alone healing system
• No pre-requisites
Channeled message from Jophiel: "Ruby Reiki boosts creativity and combats procrastination. It is good for the manifestation of our goals and also for discovering our true nature. It further gives the "final touch" in the process of connecting to the divine.
It works on our heart chakra and opens up for further general spiritual work and enhances our energy sensitivity. 
Its red tone further works on our lower chakras. It grounds us and connects us to Mother Earth, while we are at the same time connected to the divine through the universal life force."

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!