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Morganite Reiki

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Morganite Reiki is a truly amazing and gentle gift from Goddess Aphrodite. 

Goddess Aphrodite is the one who carries love, acceptance, the energy that is opening the heart chakra, gentleness, care, and acceptance. She has been a symbol of love throughout history. She is an archetype of what love should be. Venus-like love. That is something that is wonderful and blissful!

Morganite Reiki can help awaken the purest, the most gentle emotions within all of us, especially in these times where the vibration of the Earth is lower due to the changes that are happening in the world. What we need most is true love - the love for God. That is the purest love we feel from the bottom of our hearts and the deepest part of our being. 

It also encourages true love and acceptance of ourselves, both good and bad things that we all carry. We should be aware of that human side that we all have and then accept, embrace, hug and forgive. That is what this Reiki is for. For forgiveness

Morganite Reiki includes attunements in the energy of Goddess Venus, the fusion of Reiki, and Morganite essence.

You can heal and balance other chakras with Morganite Reiki. It is a gentle energy and there are no cleansing symptoms using this system. It is a gentle life reminder note to be loved, to spread love, and to accept love.

You can charge your drinking water with this energy. It will help calm you down and you will feel blissful peace.

Morganite Reiki is all about acceptance, love, peace, and clarity

It can be a nice touch to finish a session with this energy.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate! Click here to view a sample certificate.


"...Thank you from the bottom of my heart with beautiful energy and a wonderful course. Morganite Reiki is a very warm and loving energy that I felt as if I was embraced by the warmth full of love penetrating the heart chakra. Wonderful energy spreading throughout the body and very touching..."