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Copper Reiki™ - Healing, Protection & Grounding

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Copper Reiki is an astonishing fusion of the universal life force and the essence of copper.

This synergy is beneficial for the immune system, healing, protection, grounding, and the creation of energy tools. It's noteworthy that copper possesses antibacterial properties.

In the human body, the liver has the highest concentration of copper. While a deficiency in copper is rare, when it does occur, there is often an accompanying decrease in white blood cells, affecting the body's resistance to illness. Moreover, copper is present in foods like cereals, chocolate, walnuts, and fruits.

In the realm of sacred geometry, copper is commonly used in the creation of energy tools. Examples include the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Hexagon, and Metatron’s Cube. These instruments become even more potent when attuned to Copper Reiki. Additionally, a significant amount of jewelry is crafted from copper.

It's worth noting that even without these tools, Copper Reiki alone can suffice. It seamlessly blends the properties of copper with the universal life force, resulting in a profoundly potent union.

Benefits of Copper Reiki:

• 🌿 Boosts our immune system
• 🔥 Strengthening energy tools
• 🛡 Great for protection
• 🌍 Grounding
• 💖 Stand-alone healing system
• ⭐ No pre-requisites

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