Miracles Are Real

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It is in the nature of all beings to want peace, love, and happiness. However, people love so-called miracles.

Our childlike nature becomes triggered and we smile living in the present moment!

You know when you have a birthday and you open a present you have dreamt about? That does not need to be just once a year! Every day you can live positive life where you are full of trust, hope, laughter, and surprises. How? Let that child inside of you guide you more. Remember that moment when “only” playing football with friends from the neighborhood made you scream with joy. You can still have it even though in another form. And you are the powerful co-creator.

These energies are going to help you vibrate with stunning energy. And do not forget to let your dreams come true!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Promotes miracles in life
• Karmic Cleansing
• Strengthens partnerships or helps to find the right partner
• Promotes peace, happiness & joyfulness
• Helps to find true friendships & members of your soul family
• Protective energy
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Turquoise Light from Merlin: Turquoise Light from Merlin is the energy that promotes joy, miracles, and alchemy! It is good for people who work with energies and want to improve miracles in their lives. It is a miraculous thing to be able to be more fluent, secure, and self-confident while doing energy work. You are all modern alchemists and you all create miracles in your life. And it is not just about energy work, it is about people who live alone, people who make the ends meet, or single moms. You are all alchemists and miraculous beings, do not forget that.

White Dove from Palea: This energy helps to promote peace in life, brightness, innocence, and pure trust! Using this energy, you will be able to distinguish bad from good more easily. The energy is there to awaken virtues in a person, to bring a person back to prayers, and to trust in God. You will see some miracles happening in your life.

Blue Sword of Archangel Michael: Blue Sword of Archangel Michael is a very sparkling, dark royal blue energy that is not connected to any particular chakra, but protects your personal space! It is very high protection from lower energy beings. You will learn to create an energy cocoon with protection that lasts from 1 to 7 days depending on your intention.

Pink-Orange Lilies from Aphrodite: Pink-Orange Lilies from Aphrodite is for miracles in love! If you use this energy be aware and expect that you might find your true mate if you are single. If you are not single, expect that your relationship is going to blossom. That is why this energy is named after flowers as a metaphor for blossoming. It is going to affect you to cherish and be good to each other. Also, it will help raise your vibration and meet each other and keep your relationship in this “crazy” world. The colors in the name of the energy are the colors connected to the heart chakra and connection to God.

Moonlight from the Moon: Moonlight from the Moon promotes motherhood whether you have a child or not. You are not a fortune-teller to say if you are going to have a child or not, it is about your destiny, karma, and free will. However, it will provoke emotions that a mother has. A mother-like figure that is full of virtues and emotions. You are going to be full of love for the world, other people, children, animals, and the human race in general. Most importantly, you are going to be full of love for God! If you already have children, you are going to be tender to them and you will build a more gentle relationship between you and your children. Also, when you cleanse your own karma, your children are going to have easier lives. It happens in that way because of genetic inheritance. When we cleanse ourselves and make our lives better, it affects both past and future generations in a karmic sense.

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