Bright Moments Attunement Package

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The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Protection & Entity Removal
• Optimism & Self-confidence
• Partnership Love & Passion
• Express Thoughts & Feelings
• Discovering yourself & Boosts personal potential
• Helps dissolve blocks
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

The package contains the following attunements:

Red Rose Essence: This energy is connected to partnership love and passion. It will boost our feelings, work on emotions, and on our inner world. This energy will help boost our passion in general. Our passion for life, passion for creation, but also good for sexual life. If you have a partner it can help boost all these things. But if you don't have a partner, it can help make you more attractive to men or females, depending on what you prefer per gender. Red Rose Essence further deepens the relationship between you and the plant world. It is recommended, after diving deep into this energy, to work with “ethereal flowers”, elixirs, and essential oils. Furthermore, you can infuse the energy of Red Rose Essence into example essential oils.

Deep Blue Ray of Sapphire: This energy connects the throat and third eye chakras. Perfect energy to help express our thoughts! Deep Blue Ray of Sapphire can help us express our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and opinions in a perfect way! By allowing ourselves to express our feelings, we become more courageous, self-confident, authentic, and brave!

Agape Crystal: Agape Crystal is a crystal that is transparent like glass. It's resembling a clear quartz crystal and emits an energy of pure unconditional love! It is wonderful for the opening of the heart chakra and excellent for developing an unconditional love towards God, trust, and the ability to give unconditional love to people without any expectations. It further helps to develop humbleness, and love for Christ and for people in general. You can charge clear quartz with this energy and have the crystal as a reminder of the above qualities. It can be a part of your jewelry, for example, a necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. Charge the jewelry and when you wear it, you will emit that energy into your surroundings! It’s a wonderful energy that can be used for meditation as well!

Zeus Limitless Hope: Zeus Limitless Hope is a very interesting energy, not connected to any particular chakra. It works on the psychological level, to boost our optimism in life! It's also very creative energy that enhances our creativity and our creative side! It's really good to use before starting a new job or before going to a meeting. It will help give us self-confidence and productivity! It's really positive and playful energy from a very positive and very strong and potent Greek God! Zeus was the God of Olympus. This energy is especially good for sending healing into the future to a certain event, for the best outcome of a situation! Furthermore, it helps promote courage, self-confidence, positivity, and optimism in life!

Black Opal Wand Essence: This energy is perfect for the removal of negative entities, for protection against negative emotions, negative feelings, and negative thought forms! This energy can help clear your space and energy field. It's an amazing and really fast energy! If you can find an Opal wand, you can charge it with this energy. If you cannot find an opal wand, a clear quartz wand can be used. If you do not have any crystals, it's perfectly fine to send the energy directly to a space. When you buy a new house or when you're moving into a new apartment, clean the house/apartment with this energy. It's further excellent in combination with Reiki.

Includes manuals and a beautiful certificate!