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SUN REIKI™ PLATINUM - Golden Path to Rejuvenation, Transformation, Health, and Self-Confidence - TriEnhanced™️

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What is completely new, that we offer in the biggest upgrade of SUN REIKI PLATINUM?

  • The energy of Sun Reiki is stronger than ever!
  • The biggest manual ever with lots of information and a beautiful layout
  • The story about the life and position of our Sun in the solar system
  • The story about how the Sun was a gift from God through history and mythology from ancient times
  • The story and importance of the Sun from the astrological point of view and how it influences our character
  • The importance of the Sun for our health and well-being
  • The story about how the Sun influences rejuvenation 
  • The solar meditation instructions and its benefits
  • The amazing story about Solar Angels and their role 
  • The exercise with Solar Angels for recharging
  • The explanation of Solar Plexus Chakra and its importance
  • The instructions on how to use Sun Reiki 
  • The instructions on how to use Sun Reiki for boosting will-power and ambition
  • The story about Sunstone crystal and its mesmerizing benefits
  • The exercise combining Sunstone and Sun Reiki 

In the vast universe of healing modalities, there emerges a course that feels like a sunbeam breaking through a cloudy day. Sun Reiki Platinum is not just a course; it's an invitation to bask in the golden glow of self-discovery, healing, and profound spiritual growth.

Imagine, for a moment, the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin. It's that comforting embrace, that soft kiss of sunlight, which Sun Reiki Platinum seeks to encapsulate and share. Drawing inspiration from the age-old practices of Reiki and the boundless energy of our solar star, this course offers a luminous pathway to those seeking balance, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection to the universe.

The sun has always held a special place in our hearts and histories. From ancient civilizations that revered it as a deity to modern-day poets who pen verses in its honor, the sun is a symbol of life, hope, and positivity. Sun Reiki Platinum taps into this timeless allure, blending it seamlessly with the gentle, healing flow of Reiki energy. The result? A transformative experience that feels like a sunlit dance for the soul.

As you embark on this radiant journey, you'll delve deep into the sun's spiritual significance across various cultures. You'll meet the ethereal Solar Angels, guardians of light and warmth, and discover the shimmering magic of the Sunstone crystal. But that's just the beginning.

At the heart of Sun Reiki Platinum lies the Solar Plexus Chakra, our inner beacon of power and radiance. Through guided exercises and meditations, you'll learn to align, balance, and rejuvenate this energy center, reigniting your inner strength and zest for life.

And then there's the hands-on aspect of the course. Through a series of practical exercises, you'll combine Sun Reiki Platinum with meditation, crystals, and other spiritual tools. The aim? To amplify healing, boost willpower, and elevate mood.

Whether you're a seasoned Reiki practitioner or a curious soul new to the world of energy healing, Sun Reiki Platinum extends a warm, sunlit invitation. It's a chance to bask in the universe's radiant energies, to connect, heal, and grow.

The combined benefits of the SUN REIKI PLATINUM system:

  • A Sunlit Boost of Positivity
  • Deepened Connection to the Universe
  • Empowerment and Confidence
  • Holistic Healing on a Cellular Level
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Rejuvenation and Vitality
  • Strengthened Spiritual Growth
  • Natural Mood Elevator
  • Boosted Immunity
  • No prerequisites
  • Easy to use
  • Good both for beginners and experienced healers

SUN REIKI PLATINUM is channeled and created by Ole Gabrielsen.

Includes a rich renewed manual and a beautiful certificate!

🔄 This is a TriEnhanced™️ attunement that is performed three times, with a two-day break in between each. Click here to read more.