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Spiritual Advancement Package

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It is the perfect time to upgrade ourselves with new skills!

No matter how much we work on ourselves, there is more place for personal advancement and growth. Maybe it is connecting to Mother Earth strongly than ever or diving deep into the connection with our inner feelings. Or we want to improve our communicative skills.

No matter what the reasons for these are, this is a perfect opportunity to dedicate our precious time to that!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Promotes our Communicative Skills
• Protective energy
• Strengthening Divine Connection
• Promotes our personal strength & mental abilities
• Strengthens our connection to Nature & Mother Earth
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Uriel’s Wing of Wisdom: This light green energy is connected to the Heart chakra and it is there to make us realize our natural wisdom! It also promotes connection to God in a way that we feel God within ourselves. If we ever forget that we are one with God, it is there to remind us of that! It is very soothing and warm energy. When we open our Heart chakra, we feel the warmth from God’s love. This energy is also good for physical issues but mainly for transforming our conscientiousness comprehending oneness with God.

Zadkiel’s Ring of Nourishment: It is a golden, shiny energy that works on a cellular level both around our aura and inside of our body. It is a cocoon of positive energy with golden sparkles. It is there to promote self-healing, self-conscientiousness, self-love, protection, and transformation. When you apply this energy, you can feel a breeze around your body – nice cool or a warm breeze, depending on how you feel the energy. It works on a very deep level. Even after you finish the session, it works for you for some time. That is why the session does not to be that long because it continues to work on you.

Indigo Ray from Archangel Michael: This is a very potent and protective energy that gives us insight into our personal power. Nevertheless, it is very good protection energy against negativity! “Indigo Ray” promotes our personal strength, mental abilities, prevents headaches, and improves our general awareness. So it is a kind of energy that connects us to daily life in a spiritual way. By using this energy, we see things from different angles easier and step into deeper insight of things that are happening to us.

Green Cloak of Lady Nada: This energy connects us to Mother Earth and opens us up for the possibility to step into higher realms of Mother Nature. People, plants, rocks, woods, oceans, animals – we are all one on a deeper level. You can use this energy every day, but especially when you feel detached, angry, or when you do not feel a strong love for humanity and nature. We should use this energy to remember and to go to correspondence again with our soul that we are actually all one, all God’s creations. Even though we know that on a conscious level, this is a kind of a big reminder and very potent energy. When you apply the “Green Cloak of Lady Nada”, it gives you a warm feeling and love for everyone. Also, you can use this energy to send to Mother Earth, either when you participate in group meditations or when you meditate alone. Intend to send this energy to places on our beloved planet where there is famine, floods, or any other place where bad things are happening.

Blue Gemstone from Metatron: This energy is good for the Throat chakra and it is there to help you speak your own truth! Also, it is going to help you realize what your personal truth is, and how to deliver it in the best possible way without hurting other people’s feelings. When we talk in that way, we become proud of ourselves and respect other people’s truths as well. “Blue Gemstone” inspires us to speak in a good, polite, and courageous manner. It promotes our talkative skills, when we speak in public, at work, especially for teachers and professors who speak a lot and singers. Therefore, it saves our vocal cords. Also, it is excellent for shy people who rarely dare to share their opinion. Use it even for casual chit-chat with a friend! Go to a party, activate this energy and you are going to have a great time. After all, we should have fun on Earth as well.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 Copenhagen time on working days, but you do NOT need to be "present" (online), aware of the session, or awake at the moment of the session. It is not "prepared in advance", but performed in "real-time". I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.