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Physical Strength - 4 Potent Energies for Kundalini Enhancement & Physical Healing

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We are all aware of how important it is to care for our spiritual journey. Guided and supported by our guardian angels, we can achieve higher levels of consciousness, as well as spiritual and emotional depth.

However, we should never neglect the temple we inhabit for our entire life - our physical body. A strong physical body provides us with the strength and self-confidence to navigate through life, typically enhancing our mental health in the process. Fortunately, spiritual strength often aligns with physical strength; most importantly, by working on one, we can enhance both.

These energies will boost our stamina, power, courage, well-being, and health. Remain persistent, filled with faith, and build your consistency!

The combined benefits of the energies in this package:

• Self-confidence & Courage
• Helps heal “karmic wounds”
• Boosts our physical strength & stamina
• Physical Healing
• Strengthens Kundalini
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

This package contains the following powerful energies:

Golden-green Spiral from Archangel Raphael is a very potent and powerful energy that works on two levels. The first, the green ray, works on a cellular level for healing on the physical plane, while the golden ray is meant for deep transformation. These two rays work perfectly in combination because it is actually truly effective in healing the physical body and possible physical damages. However, there is a need for persistence and dedication to healing. Our trust is going to be built during those healing sessions. So this makes a great blend of two rays that we are gifted by Archangel Raphael.

Deep-blue Sparkle from Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful and potent energy that works on our Throat chakra. It also works on the head. Sometimes in life, we have a feeling of not being heard, powerful, or strong and we feel as if we were a victim of circumstances. This energy is excellent for those situations. That is really important because this energy is going to give us a real feeling of self-confidence, speedy recovery, courage, and taking action. When we need to do something necessary in crucial moments or make big changes in life, healing with this energy is going to ease the process. Also, it is great while making big decisions, or in times when we need support, and to “stand our ground”.

The Ring of Saturn is a very potent energy that works mostly on the aspect of the physical body. It is good for our bones, spine, teeth, and hips. It boosts our physical strength. When we feel stagnant, or lacking energy, this is great to use for healing sessions. However, it is beneficial for emotional and spiritual aspects, too. This energy is excellent for building courage, enduring difficult periods in life, and going through karmic stories throughout our lives. If we are experiencing karmic love stories, karmic relationships, and karmic moments, this energy is going to be a great assistant in the process of learning lessons. The Ring of Saturn is going to help us heal karmic wounds and understand what is going on. It is going to help us reach deeper wisdom, and knowledge, and help ensure difficult lessons that our souls had chosen a long time ago.

The Fire of Mars is a truly potent red-ray energy that strengthens our Kundalini channel and our physical body. It is a warm energy that works on a very deep physical level and it is also going to help us raise our Kundalini, even though that is not the main purpose of this energy. It is great for healing the physical body, especially when we have pain or feel cold due to poor circulation. This is a really strong energy that is going to warm us and make us feel pleasant and safe. It works on our spiritual aspect as well, because being physically strong gives us a lot of potencies and builds our personality. As we already know, the physical and spiritual life has always gone hand in hand together.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!