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FIRE REIKI™ - Abundance Awakening: The Spiritual Journey of Karmic Purification and Healing

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Discover the potent and transformative power of "Fire Reiki", a uniquely profound journey woven with ancient wisdom, mystical forests, and the invigorating energies of the universe. Crafted from a deep connection to a spiritual forest in Denmark, this course is a doorway to personal revelation and enlightenment, reaching into the heart of your life's purpose.

The creation of "Fire Reiki" was inspired by the need for acceptance, change, and forward movement!

In this extraordinary journey, you are not merely a participant, but an explorer, unearthing the treasures that lay within you. This course encourages you to embrace both the joys and challenges of life with pride, courage, and honor. For in acceptance, we find transformation.

"Fire Reiki" is deeply rooted in the timeless wisdom of the Nordic traditions, channeled from the vibrant spirit energy of nature herself. This divine connection empowers you to cleanse and heal, creating space for growth and new beginnings.

What makes this course unique? "Fire" symbolizes action, change, life, and warmth, yet it also holds the power of destruction. This dual nature of fire is a reminder of the transformative power of change and the wisdom of careful use. "Reiki", on the other hand, represents the eternal and omnipresent energy flowing through all spaces and times. Thus, "Fire Reiki" is the marriage of action and universal force, creating a powerful platform for personal and spiritual growth.

As you traverse the landscape of "Fire Reiki", you learn to connect with the Nordic essence, opening not just your chakras but your heart to the Source. You'll gain the tools to burn away the old, heal the wounds, and start afresh. The course intertwines the material and spiritual, shedding light on the duality of our world, and encouraging you to embrace the human experience without losing sight of your connection to the Source.

"Fire Reiki" ushers in a new era of beginnings, initiates fresh starts and channels an inflow of fortune, material wealth, and abundance. This system understands the richness of life in its totality, recognizing that our human experiences are the foundation for our spiritual evolution and the true essence of our souls. Embracing these human experiences enhances our journey in this material world, imbuing it with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

"Fire Reiki" goes beyond the surface, opening your heart and expanding your heart chakra to love and accept the multifaceted beauty of this material world. Through this course, you will uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary, discovering a harmonious blend of material richness and spiritual growth.

Embark on this transformative journey today. Discover your life's mission, clear your debts, and step confidently towards a brighter future with "Fire Reiki". A new beginning awaits you, warmed by the fires of action and change!

Some of the benefits of Fire Reiki:

• Discover personal enlightenment and spiritual growth
• Learn to embrace and understand life's duality
• Clear past karma and debts for forward progression
• Gain powerful tools for self-healing and transformation
• Connect with ancient Nordic wisdom and practices
• Experience personal growth through acceptance and change
• Open your heart to the abundance, wealth and balanced material life
• Navigate life challenges with newfound wisdom and courage
• Empower yourself with action and universal energy
• Foster a deeper understanding of runes and elemental forces

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate.


"...I would like to thank you for this gift of initiation into these powerful energies Fire reiki, its incredible powerful energies!! Magic healing from Pan lifts the deepest blocks and it is magical, the energies of this package are very magical and in each session there is a very deep working and transformation. Thank you 🙏❤️❤️❤️..."


"...Thank you, dear Ole, this form of Reiki has changed my life entirely. 🌟🌞 For the better. Never experienced anything like it..."


"...Beautiful energies and very magical, I feel the emerald Nordic forests. I worked with Magisk (Magical) Healing of Pan for several days and felt strong energy in my body and a sense of release. Bindrune Fehu-Kenaz-Algiz Fire, I love runes and I like working with them, they are close to my heart, the hot energy of creation and connection with the universe. Whenever I open to Fire Reiki, I see a burning fire and the warmth of flowing energy, it is a wonderful, strong energy. Thank you..."