8 Norse Gods & Goddesses (v 2.0)

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All Energies Upgraded October 2021!

This package contains 8 powerful Norse Gods Attunements!

Channeled message from Odin: "We are here to guide you, to show you your life’s path and mission. With us, you will gain strength, personal power, knowledge and be shown the wisdom that you carry inside of you.

Sons and daughters, be wise! Choose wisely and take every step in a wise manner. You ALL matter to us! We still live through you, and it will always be like that.

In these times strength and courage are the most important features that you should cherish as a human being. We are talking about how to be a gentle and humble person and yet so strong and honest. To be a man or woman of your word!"

• The Gods •

Odin is invoked for wisdom, magic & communication

Thor is invoked for protection, strength

Tyr is invoked for Discipline, structure, order & justice

Freyr is invoked for male fertility, prosperity, peace & wealth

Freya is invoked for female fertility, love, beauty

Frigga is invoked for home, nurturing, family, childbirth

Eir is invoked for health, healing.

Idun is invoked for longevity & health

The course includes new powerful and life-changing channeled messages from each of the Norse Gods and Goddesses!

Comes with instructions on how to pass on the attunements, how to use the energies for distance healing, hands-on healing, charging oils, and jewelry.

The course further includes a manual and a beautiful newly designed certificate! Click here to view a sample certificate.